Treviso Marathon 2014

one of the most beautiful marathons in Italy

02 March 2014


Great expectations await the Treviso Marathon 2014: on Sunday 2 March get ready for the start line!

There are new features for the renewed Treviso Marathon, one of the best marathons in Italy 2014: route, relay race and an exhibition around the city centre!

This is the 11th edition of the Treviso marathon 1.1, but the Maratona di Treviso 2014 has 'reset' the old numbering - to symbolize a new beginning and renew itself in all its aspects, including its IT and social networking, with the aim of always being at the forefront of the best Italian marathons.

The first new initiative of the Treviso Marathon 2014 is the starting line: now departing from Conegliano, in April XXVIII Avenue in front of the Church of St Pio X. After a short distance within the historic center of Conegliano, the athletes will get to the heart of the Maratona di Treviso running through some of the most beautiful areas of the province. The changes will follow the athletes to the arrival of the Treviso Marathon 2014 in Burchiellati Square.

Seven municipalities are included in the 1.1 edition of the Treviso Marathon: Conegliano, Santa Lucia di Piave, Susegana - and its hamlet Ponte delle Priula - Nervesa della Battaglia, Arcade, Povegliano, Villorba and finally the arrival of the Marathon in Treviso.

Almost all of the sections along the Pontebbana Road that were included in the previous editions of the Treviso Marathon have now been excluded. The Treviso Marathon timing 2014 leaves ample room to rural scenery and charming villages to promote and raise awareness of the beauty of the countryside of Treviso.

Particularly interesting is the route through Treviso, which will touch the most significant sites of the historic center: after the entrance at the Fra' Giocondo Gate, the athletes will pass the Cathedral, Signori Square, the Latin Quarter and St Leonard's Square before completing the Treviso Marathon 2014 with the arrival in Burchiellati Square.

In the 1.1 edition the traditional route of Treviso Marathon 2014 is enriched by the 3 × 14 Carnival Relay. Open to all runners who want to test and experience the excitement of a reduced length marathon. The Relay will be held in three fractions (14 - 14,195 - 14) of the traditional marathon distance, 42.195 km, from Conegliano to Treviso.

After the Treviso Marathon 2014 arrival in the historic center there will celebrations and events dedicated to the world of sport and Italian marathons 2014.

There will also be a change to the location for the long-awaited Expo Treviso Marathon which moves from Ghirada to the heart of the city, Borsa Square. From Friday 28 February extra attention will be given to the flavours and aromas of Italy: the Expo Nature at the Treviso Marathon 2014 will present the excellence of our territory in 38 exhibition spaces arranged in an original journey from Signori Square and San Vito Sqaure.

Treviso Marathon: 2 March 2014: the 1.1 edition awaits you with plenty of new features! And if you decide to treat yourself to a weekend exploring the magical places encountered by runners along the way, offers the best solutions for places to stay in the Treviso Marca!

By Insidecom Editorial Staff


Period: 02 March 2014

Event location: Treviso

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