Treviso Marathon 2022

A thrilling race through the exciting areas of the Treviso Marca and the River Sile Nature Reserve!

27 March 2022

treviso marathon
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Please note that, as a precautionary measure, Treviso Marathon 2020 will be postponed to a later date. The new date will be communicated as soon as pGreat expectations for the Treviso Marathon 2022: Sunday 27th March get ready on the start line to take part in the famous race that crosses some of the most beautiful areas of the Veneto region!

Now in its 17th edition, the Treviso marathon course has by now reached a high position in the list of the most popular races in Italy, each year attracting important national and international athletes.

The Treviso Marathon 2020 sports a route of 42.195 km, with start and finish in the heart of Treviso. Like last year’s edition, it will be held on the last Sunday of March to give athletes additional time for their training.

This year again the 17th Treviso Marathon will be a 'green' race as 12 kilometers will be run in the Regional Nature Reserve of the River Sile with interesting culture and food and wine events also being showcased!


Treviso Marathon route 2022

The start and finish areas will be the same, the city of Treviso ... but along the Treviso marathon course participants will be able to appreciate the historical and artistic treasures of the surrounding area as they run past Silea, San Biagio di Callalta, Roncade and Casale sul Sile and then soak in the blossoming nature of the splendid River Sile nature reserve. A mostly flat track and, as such, particularly conducive to the improvement of timing performances in an area rich in history, nature and beautiful Venetian villas. 

  • Start area in Treviso, on Viale IV Novembre - Prato della Fiera.
  • After a short detour on Viale Nino Bixio, athletes will cross Santa Margherita Bridge and run along a stretch of the River Sile before continuing towards the historic center of Treviso. During this early stage, participants will cross Piazza Borsa, Piazza dei Signori with Palazzo Podestà, Palazzo dei Trecento, Palazzo Pretorio and then continue towards Porta Santi Quaranta, Bastione di San Marco, Ponte Pria over River Botteniga and Borgo Mazzini up to Porta Piave
  • Runners will then cross the municipalities of Silea, past the town hall, and San Biagio di Callalta, skirting round Biancade and its elegant villa Morosini.
  • Next will be the Roncade’s town centre, with the splendid Villa Giustiniani Ciani Bassetti, also called "Castello di Roncade" because of its ring of turreted walls.
  • The Treviso marathon new route will then head into Casale sul Sile: from via San Nicolò, runners will skirt the River Sile, passing near the church of Santa Maria dell'Assunta and the Torre dei Carraresi park, dating back to the 14th century.
  • They will then reach Lughignano and follow L’Alzaia del Sile up to Casier. As with last year’s edition, 12 km will be run inside the Regional Natural Reserve of the River Sile and over small bridges and charming sections of inland. In Casier runners will also pass the Parco Foundation, the 17th -century Villa Carlotta and Villa Contarini near Grazie.
  • Heading back, the route will go through the evocative Burci cemetery. This is an archaeological site that extends for 15,000 square meters in a meander sheltered at the confluence between the new course of the River Sile and the abandoned branch of the 'Sil morto' and that owes its name to 'burcio', a flat-bottomed boat, used for centuries as the main means of transporting goods in the lagoon. From here the athletes will continue towards Treviso between Alzaia and Restera, two areas very popular with runners and walkers from the entire province.

Running surrounded by the nature of Restera, runners will head up to the finish line placed in Prato Fiera, where end-of-race support will be provided and where the participants will be able to replenish their energies with local food and wine delicacies.

Runners can pick up their bib number and race packet at the Treviso Marathon Expo 2022 at Prato Fiera, in the arrival area (about 300 m from the starting line) on Friday 25th March from 12.00 to 19.00, Saturday 26th March from 9.00 to 19.00 and Sunday 29th March from 7.30 to 9.00.

Time recording and processing of the ranks for the marathon and Treviso half-marathon will be completed via an electronic chip. The chip will be handed out together with the bib, and those who do not wear one will not be added to the final rankings.

The time limit to finish the Treviso Marathon is 6 hours.

Medical assistance, refreshments and sponging areas are available along the entire racecourse.

Treviso Marathon start time: 9.30 am


WOW Run!

Besides the main race, WOW Run will also take place: a recreational playful event in association with Radio WOW radio station created with the intention to involve families and inexperienced runners. Starting at 9.35 from Viale IV Novembre - Prato della Fiera, the participants of the WOW Run will cover around 7 kilometers of the Treviso Marathon 2020 running through Treviso’s historic center. The keyword of WOW Run is fun: runners are in fact invited to wear extravagant and joyful outfits.


Ten Miles

Besides the traditional international 42.195 km marathon and the joyful WOW Run, this year’s edition will again feature the Treviso Ten Miles in association with Radio Company. This is a recreational Treviso marathon route with a distance of about 16 km. Ten Miles participants will run along the initial and final sections of the marathon, thus crossing both the historic center of Treviso and part of the splendid Regional Nature Park of the River Sile, and then return to Prato Fiera along Restera.


On 27th March do not miss this famous marathon: Treviso has planned a day of fun and adrenaline to combine sport with the enchanting scenery of Treviso! And if you decide to spend a weekend to discover the magical places encountered by runners along the route, read everything about our ideas on experiences in Treviso and the Prosecco area!

By Insidecom Editorial Staff