Valdobbiadene Prosecco Cycling 2015

Launch of the 12th edition of the cycling race in Valdobbiadene

04 October 2015


Professional cyclists, amateurs, beginners and lovers of the sport on two wheels, save this date: 4th October 2015. Why? Because one of the most anticipated events in the province of Treviso, Italy will take place, the legendary Prosecco Cycling Tour 2015, an original way to introduce the enchanting territory of Treviso, renowned for its beautiful vineyards and the production of Prosecco.

Due to its charm, the whole area of hilly foothills, is a candidate to become a UNESCO World Heritage Site: the beautiful scenery combined with artistic, historical, cultural and gastronomic delights, make it one of the most interesting and appreciated places in Italy.

Founded in 2004 with the aim of promoting the areas producing Prosecco in Treviso, the Classic Prosecco Cycling race achieved immediate acclaim. Year after year, the competition has become one of the most anticipated sporting events in Veneto and in Italy, as well as being a strong attraction for tourism throughout the province: the very reason why, in 2010, the Prosecco Cycling race gained the patronage of the Ministry of Tourism and the patronage of the President of the Republic.

The number of participants confirms the resounding success of the event: the Prosecco Cycling tour in 2014 saw the registration of more than two thousand people, 1,900 of whom were classified, deservedly entering the list of the ten most attended cycling events of the entire season. Beloved by the Italian public, the Prosecco cycling classic of Valdobbiadene is conquering more and more the hearts of fans abroad. Less than two months from the granfondo race of Prosecco, the numbers are very encouraging and bode well for the record participation of 1200 members from all over Italy but also from very distant countries such as Japan, the United States and Australia.

The success at the international level of the Prosecco Cycling - one of the most popular competitions on the granfondo calendar of 2015 - is the result of a major effort of sales promotion made possible thanks to the support of numerous partner companies, which over the years have continued to give their valuable contribution despite the economic difficulties that have long beset our country.

However, for the program of the Prosecco Cycling 2015 edition: the real will be held on Sunday 4 October at the end of a weekend full of entertainment and wine tasting... made with Prosecco!

The  route of the Prosecco Cycling tour, like last year, will be unique and also provide a course suitable also to those less trained. In order to make the event accessible to all, the new edition of the Prosecco Granfodo cycling race has two pleasant new features: the first is the opportunity to participate with electric bikes while the second concerns the possibility to climb to the top of Ca' Poggio: here the participants can stop and enjoy a snack of scampi and Prosecco offered by the refreshment point. For the first time in fact, the hard part of the route that leads to San Pietro di Feletto, will not be taken into account in the final classification and the time will begin again to flow only when cyclists have completed the ascent.

The spectacular route of Prosecco Cycling 2015 is 98.8 kilometres long and characterized by a drop of about 1,550 metres. Once started from Valdobbiadene, the athletes will touch the picturesque town of Combai, Pieve di Soligo and Follina; then continuing towards Molinetto Croda, crossing Pieve di Soligo, Cozzuolo, Conegliano and Collalto. Returning to Valdobbiadene, the cycling group will head towards Guia, Follo and Santo Stefano, where the vineyards Cartizze offer an attractive setting.

The excellent organization and safety of the track, have always characterized the Prosecco Cycling of Valdobbiadene, one of the most anticipated cycling races in Veneto. More than 300 volunteers from the Civil Protection will work to ensure safety during the event that, for several years stands out among as one of the best of the many events in the province of Treviso.

Curiosity: what is the meaning of the logo of Prosecco Cycling, one of the largest sporting events in the Veneto? The five letters 'C' arranged concentrically, are the initials of the words Cycling, Colline (Hills), Chalice, Circuit and Cuore (Heart), the main elements of the event. But why five? There are many reasons that led to the choice of this number:  the Olympic rings, the fingers of one hand, the continents and the elements of Ayurveda (earth, air, fire, water and heavens/sky).

The black line in the logo is not, as it might seem at first glance, an interruption of the circle but on the contrary, represents the strong bond along the course, a bridge that completes the circuit. The logo as the race: a project to explore!

If you are consulting the calendar of cycling events for 2015 in the province of Treviso, mark 4October  on your diary: the 12th edition of GF Prosecco Cycling ClassicValdobbiadene TVawaits you between the gentle slopes of its vineyards! By booking one of our hotels in Treviso and its surroundings, you can admire the artistic and cultural wonders offered by the territory and participate in numerous food and wine tours of the area, to discover and taste Prosecco and other local culinary specialties.



DATE: Sunday 4 October 2015

LOCATION: Valdobbiadene and surroundings

By Insidecom Editorial Staff