Wonder and Fantasy Nature

Venice Carnival 2014

From 15 February 2014 to 04 March 2014


The Carnival in Venice dates 2014 have been decided: from 15 February to 4 March the unconventional and irreverent spirit of the Carnival in Venice, Italy 2014 will once again invade the city with events and celebrations of every kind!

The Venice Carnival 2014 theme will be 'Wonder and Fantasy Nature'. A wonderful, charming and fairy-tale!

Drawing on the life narrative metaphors that all people have developed since their origins, the Venice Carnival 2014 program will investigate the relationship between the environment and mankind with the light-heartedness and the Venice Carnival party ideas that have always characterized this ancient festival.

For the Carnival in Venice 2014, a current and universal theme opens the door to endless stimulating possibilities and to rediscovering the importance of the imagination in the relationship between man and nature: stories, myths, fables, allegories and symbols will be the basis to draw inspiration for original and creative Venetian Carnival masks and Venice Carnival costumes.

And what better venue to fully express a theme so vast and powerful? Venice is a fantasy world, where very different styles and cultures come together in an endless magic...

Venice Carnival best days for 2014

15:02: Opening of the Carnival of Venice 2014 show in Cannaregio

16:02: Water Procession (Grand Canal - Cannaregio)

22:02: Festival of Marie

23:02: Flight of the Angel

2.03: Flight of the Eagle

4.03: Svolo of Leon and the award  ceremony of winning Mary of the 2014 Carnival

From 22 February to 4 March in the beautiful surroundings of the Grand Theatre of St. Mark's Square the Venice Carnival Mask Competition will take place. Dances, shows and street performers animate the two daily meetings of the competition - one in the late morning and one in the afternoon - during which the masks that have been selected will on Sunday 2 March compete in the grand final of the Venice Carnival mask competition and to establish the Venice Carnival costume winners for 2014.

The Venice Carnival 2014 events will include street theatre 'The Secrets of St Mark's Square': shows in English, French and Italian to discover an unusual Venice and its secret by the Codega company, the character that once accompanied the noble Venetians to tell them stories and mysteries.

If you are thinking about spending a few days during the Venice days in 2014 to experience first hand the fascinating atmosphere some Venice carnival tips from venetoinside.com could be of great help! Here is a small list of Venice Carnival 2014 tours to make it an unforgettable experience:

  • an exclusive tour of St Mark's Basilica to visit two areas usually closed to visitors and discover the many treasures held within the most important religious building of the city, which is available from Tuesday to Saturday, at 10.30am and 11.45am
  • Lunch or dinner at the Hard Rock Cafe in Venice, to enjoy the most famous specialties of the house - available in four tasty menus - immersed in the atmosphere an elegant Venetian palace
  • Unmissable in a holiday in Venice is the gondola ride, one of the most fascinating experiences that the city on the water can offer. And made even better if it is private and booked easily online beforehand!
  • and for those wishing to visit Venice with a special private tour, Your Own Venice will allow you to arrange a personalized tour with an expert guide from Venice!
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Period: From 15 February 2014 to 04 March 2014

Event location: Venice