Veleziana 2016

Entertainment and adrenaline at one of the most fascinating regattas of the Venetian sailing season

16 October 2016

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Sunday 16th October Veleziana 2016 will take place, the long-awaited final regatta of the Venetian sailing season, for which our company, Insidecom, has been a sponsor since 2013.

The colours of the lagoon in autumn, the beauty of Venice in the background and the adrenaline  of a regatta ... This, in a nutshell, is Veleziana, the regatta in Venice in 2016!

Having reached its 8th edition, Veleziana testifies Venice's deep love for this sport and has now become a major event in Venice!

Organized by the Compagnia della Vela, a historic sailing club founded in Venice in the early 20th century, Veleziana proved immediately to be a crowd-pulling event in the Venice regatta program: after the boom of registrations of 2014, with over 150 boats, this year the regatta in Venice in 2016 will take place one week before the Venice Marathon, hence proving to be one of the most important events of the autumn season in Venice.

The Veleziana regatta route, entirely coastal, starts off in Venice Lido, near the San Nicolò dam. After entering the lagoon through Porto del Lido, in the San Nicolò canal - with a compulsory gate near the Sant'Andrea Fort, the race will continue along the San Marco canal and along canale dell'orfanello to end in Bacino San Marco, near the headquarters of Compagnia della Vela.

Veleziana only allows motorboats that exceed a length of 5 metres, to then be divided into thirteen categories according to the overall length ('lunghezza fuori tutto', i.e. LTF), which indicates the maximum length of the boat, excluding any backlashes that are not part the boat's body and attached for structural purposes.

Veleziana regatta date is fixed for the 16th October and the race will start at 11am. Participants must have completed the entire route before 4.30pm.

The classification will be announced in real time, on a single test: the overall winner will receive the coveted trophy 'Veleziana'. The ranking for each racing category will then be deducted from the overall classification.

The award ceremony of the Venice, Italy Veleziana regatta in 2016 will be held on Saturday 26th November 2016 at 11am, in the headquarters of Compagnia della Vela on the island of San Giorgio.

An enchanting itinerary in the Venice lagoon, spacing from open sea to the coast of Lido to Bacino San Marco. Veleziana is a wonderful challenge especially in the field of racing, but it is also a great occasion to celebrate sailing and the city of Venice; a celebration Insidecom has now supported for several years and that is considered particularly important thanks to its Venetian origins and the contribution that events such as Veleziana give to the city, both in terms of image and in terms of spreading Venetian culture.

Do not miss the Veleziana! The Venice boat regatta has become a classic event of the autumn season and returns this year on Sunday 16th October 2016!

By Insidecom Editorial Staff