Veneto Concertante: music chamber in Veneto, amongst majestic period buildings and a splendid atmosphere.

From 24 August 2012 to 05 October 2012


From 24 August to 5 October, a series of fascinating classical music concerts in Veneto unites the emotions of live classical music in Italy with the most beautiful historical locations.

During the Veneto Concertante, incredible works of great composers throughout the history of music will be performed in enchanting villas, ancient castles and striking abbeys around Veneto. One of the biggest cultural events in Veneto combines these different environments within this marvelous region with live classical music concerts in Italy. Concerts in Venice and its lagoon, the Dolomites and in the wonderful dwellings in the area of Belluno, concerts on the Brenta Riviera and between Padova and Treviso: throughout Veneto everyone can be involved in the chamber music festival, with over a month of poetry and unforgettable emotions.

Framed by historic architecture in Veneto, concerts of great national and international interpreters will provide listeners with a valuable selection of pieces to experience classical chamber music to its full capacity in this magical and intimate atmosphere . Veneto Concertante 2012Concerts in Treviso and its province:24.08 - Roncade Castle: a concert dedicated to Beethoven's master, Johann Georg Albrechtsberger, and various composers from the 18th to the 19th century;26.08 - Carmine a Susegana Church: piano composers from the beginning of the 18th century;09.09 - Santa Caterina Church inTreviso: "a cello solo of Bach suites";16.09 - Romanesque Cloister of Abbazia Benedettina di Santa Maria del Pero in Monastier di Treviso: the masterpieces by Mozart in a concert of clarinet, oboe and string quartet.23.09 - Galvagna Giol Villa in Colfrancui di Fontanelle: a baroque dance played by baroque and Renaissance instruments;29.09 - Guarnieri relais Monaco Villa in Ponzano Veneto: a concert of great sonatas from the classical-romantic period.05.10 - San Salvatore Castle in Susegana: Mozart, Haydn, Schubert and Strauss family, strings and fluteDolomites Events:25.08 - Miari Fulcis Villa in Modolo di Belluno: "Jew's harp, bagpipes and strings in Classicism" to celebrate 600 years of the Count title of Miari Fulcis' family;8.09 - San Vittore Sanctuary in Anz di Feltre: "a cello solo of selected pieces from Bach";22.09 - Zumelle Castle in Mel: "A Baroque Dance at the Castle"Brenta Riviera Concerts:2.09 - Leoni Theatre in Mira: "Oistrakh plays Vivaldi's Four Seasons on the violin".

Concerts in Venice and its province: 06.09 - Santa Stefano Cathedral in Caorle: a concert dedicated to the traditional Italian instruments from the 18th century:30.09 - Scuola Grande di San Giovanni Evangelista in Venice: "The Great Sonatas from the Classical-Romantic period".

Concerts in Padova and its province:31.08 Vescovi Villa in Luvigliano: a classical musical concert with pieces from Bach, Vivaldi, Dvorak.

A unique occasion to experience unforgettable emotions! And for those wishing to prolong the magic can book one of the many hotels in Veneto and spend a night amongst the enchanting scenery which this region offers!

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Period: From 24 August 2012 to 05 October 2012

Event location: Veneto - different locations

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