Veneto: Spettacoli di Mistero 2013

From 19 October 2013 to 01 December 2013


The rich calendar of events in Veneto, Italy from October 19 to December 1 includes the fifth edition of Veneto: Spettacoli di Mistero 2013.

Theatre, storytelling, guided tours, exhibitions, presentations, re-enactments, concerts and walking are some of the events planned for the Mystery Festival in Veneto. In 2013 there will be more than two hundred and fifty mystery events - 66 more than last year - to bring back to life the most legendary and mysterious side of our beautiful region during the fascinating Veneto Spettacoli di Mistero.

The Festival in Veneto of Spettacoli di Mistero 2013 will provide an opportunity to approach the folklore and ancient traditions of the region through legends, fairy tales, mysteries and curiosities connected to Venetian mystery.

After the prologue in the province of Belluno, scheduled for October 19, the charming Festival of Mystery month will come alive with the events in Veneto 2013 in November in more than 80 locations, 'Veneto Mystery Shows' propose special events in Veneto for young and old in an unprecedented journey between fantasy and reality. One of the most important mystery events in Veneto will be held in Venice on 15 November with the extraordinary participation of the writer Carlo Lucarelli.

Organized by the Unpli Pro Loco members in collaboration with the Veneto Region, 'Festival del Mistero 2013' also aims to raise awareness of some places in the region through innovative experiences that combine the festival del Mistero on Veneto with local products and a warm hospitality.

Mountains, hills, sea and lakes are interwoven with art, history and nature: the Venetian Festival of Spettacoli di Mistero involves the different realities of one of the most diverse Italian regions offering a broad overview of the folklore and traditions of different areas, a heritage of ancient origins, passed down from generation to generation.

The 'Festival del Mistero in Veneto has witches, goblins, demons, fairies and legendary characters telling their fascinating stories in locations of great impact: castles, villas, squares, gardens and theatres will be the backdrop to this original autumn festival in Veneto.History, legends and folklore of Veneto, the Spettacoli Di Mistero 2013 will give you unique evenings and emotions!And if these topics tickle your curiosity, visit our 'Hidden treasures to discover in Venice' section to discover the secrets and mysteries of Venice!

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Period: From 19 October 2013 to 01 December 2013

Event location: Veneto

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