Venice Biennale: Awakenings, 8th International Festival of Contemporary Dance

From 08 June 2012 to 24 June 2012

From June 8th to 24th, the International Festival of Contemporary Dance organized by the Venice Biennale and directed by the great Ismael Ivo, is back in Venice. Now in its 8th edition, this year the Biennale supported Dance Festival will have the title Awakenings to celebrate and foster the awakening of life and creativity. The Biennale will bring to Venice dance shows, performances, art installations, workshops and master classes for two weeks in the name of dance and experimentation. The Dance Biennale will involve the whole of Venice, from the suggestive areas of the Venice Arsenal and C Giustiniani to the Malibran Theatre and the Venice Diocesan Museum. Amongst the dance shows that are being presented, there will be 5 world premieres and 5 Italian premieres, a sign of the increasing success that the Biennale Dance Festival is gaining year after year. The successful Marathon of the Unexpected will be once again hosted at the 2012 Biennale. This is a space dedicated to innovative and original representations, selected by means of a public call for entries, which will this year host 20 short dance shows. Dance Arsenal/Ismael IvoTese Teatro Venice8th to 10th June, 8pm The 25 dancers of the Arsenal Dance Group will perform in the show Body Library: Ivo continues his physical exploration where the body becomes a sensor and repository of our lives and our existence. Compagnia Virgilio Sieni Teatro Piccolo Arsenale Venice8th to 10th June, 6pm The internationally renowned choreographer Virgilio Sieni returns to Venice to present De Anima, his new production inspired by the suggestions of Aristotles poems. Cristiana MorgantiSala delle Colonne Ca Giustinian Venice12th and 13th June, 8pm Cristiana Morganti will present Moving with Pina at the Biennale, a solo performance inspired by the charismatic choreographer Pina Bausch. Bal do Teatro Castro AlvesCorderie dell'Arsenale - Venice13-14-15-16-17 June 2006 2pm to 5pmTeatro alle Tese - Venice15-16-17 June 2012 8pm Two dance shows from the Brazilian Bal teatro Castro Alves: in 1POR1PRAUM, at Corderie, ten dancers execute ten short performances representing personal accounts witnessed by one spectator at a time; in A quem possa interesser at Tese, the artist Badi Assad will be on stage with the dancers addressing the search for individual identity within the collectivity. Shobana Jeyasingh DanceChurch of San Fantin - Venice14-15-16 June 6pm and 8pm The Biennale moves into the spaces of the Diocesan Museum of Venice with TooMortal, the new work of the Indian choreographer Shobana Jeyasingh, in which traditional Indian Bharatanatyam dancing mixes with Western contemporary dancing. The Forsythe CompanyArtiglierie dell'Arsenale - Venice15-16-17-22-23-24 June 7pm 11pm William Forsythe, Winner of the Golden Lion for Lifetime Achievement in 2010, will present at the Biennale his choreographic installation Nowhere and Everywhere at the Same Time: hundreds of swinging pendulums hanging from thin metal wires set in motion by the movements of dancer Brock Labrenz. Erna marsdttirTeatro Piccolo Arsenale - Venice15-16 June 6pm With We saw Monsters Erna Omarsdottir brings to Venice an interesting show in which she strives to get in contact with the primordial roots of human fears.Koffi KkTeatro Piccolo Arsenale - Venice19-20 June 8pm In La Beaut du Diable, the African artist Koffi Kk presents at the Biennale his work on human and universal duality between good and evil. Dance Theatre Course with the Paolo Grassi School in MilanTeatro Piccolo Arsenale - Venice21 June 8pm/22 June 6pm Featuring Line Up, a project of the key figure in American Post-Modern Trisha Brown, showcased in Venice by the Milan Dance Theatre School students. Sadler's WellsTeatro Malibran - Venice22 June 8pm After revolutionizing the aesthetics of the classical ballerina in the Eighties, Sylvie Guillem will present at the Biennale her latest production 6000 miles away: three dance shows composed for her by the greatest choreographers. Ultima Vez/Wim VandekeybusTeatro alle Tese - Venice23-24. June 8pm In booty Looting - under the coordination of Wim Wandekeybus - 6 performers, a musician and a photographer will be busy stealing from each other what has already been stolen. Marathon of the UnexpectedTeatro Piccolo Arsenale - Venice24 June 3pm to 8pm A series of 15 minutes performances, selected amongst the most experimental dances, with the aim of bringing to light new expressions and also discovering and fostering the original creativity of new talents. Awakenings Dance PartyArsenale - Venice24 June 10.30pm Awakenings dance party will be a celebration of dancing a fundamental expression of the joy of living. Workshops and Master classesVenice8-24 June Throughout the Dance Festival, the Biennale will host workshops, events and conferences for professional and aficionados wishing to get in closer contact with contemporary dancing and get to know the creative tools and processes of the great masters attending the festival.
By Insidecom Editorial Staff