Venice Biennale Dance 2016

10th Biennale Danza Venezia

From 17 June 2016 to 26 June 2016


Everything is ready for the 2016 Biennale Danza! Venice is preparing to welcome the rich program of the Biennale Danza Venezia which will take place from 17 to 26 June in several locations in the beautiful lagoon city.

Directed by choreographer Virgilio Sieni, the Venice Dance Festivale 2016 will bring 25 international dancers and choreographers to Venice, for a total of 32 events, 9 of which presented in world premiere at the Venice Dance Festival!

As was done in the last editions, the biennale danza 2016 program will give ample space to the Biennale College Dance project. Born in 2013 in order to give young artists the opportunity to work side by side with the great masters of the international scene, this initiative has achieved a great success. College is also present in other areas of the Venice Biennale, and aims to involve and bring together more and more the various activities of the Biennale, taking energies, ideas and innovations from the new generations. The Biennale Danza College 2016 will be one of the pillars of the festival itself, thanks to the presence of great choreographers that, in parallel to the presentation of the shows of their company, will work to some new songs with the younger artists of the dance biennale.

This year, for the Biennale Contemporary Dance, Virgilio Sieni has convened guests of undisputed fame in the field of contemporary dance, including Maguy Marin, 2016 Golden Lion for Lifetime Achievement, Trisha Brown, Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker, Shobana Jeyasingh, Adriana Borriello, Thomas Hauert and many other dancers that have become known in more recent times. La Biennale Danza of 2016 puts a spotlight also on a group of young artists who can boast experience in various European cou ntries: Yasmine Hugonnet, classical and modern dance in Paris and Lausanne; Annamaria Ajmone, who charmed the audience of the Biennale Danza in Venice last year; Gabriel Schenker, American raised in Rio and now living in Brussels, where he also worked with Anne Teresa de Keersmaeker; Albert Quesada, Catalan moved to Brussels who brings to the International Festival of Contemporary Dance the magic of Flamenco; Daniel Linehan, from New York to Antwerp and London before moving to Lille; ... And also Lara Russo, Daniele Ninarello and Camilla Monga: as well as offering an interesting mix of different cultures, these artists will bring to the Biennale Dance 2016 in biennale dance 2016 venice Venice their personal vision of dance, often mixed with sounds, images and original ideas. As for the Biennale Danza College 2016 Venice Project, this year over 100 young dancers will be attended who will participate in courses of one to two weeks including technical lessons and moments of sharing and creativity with many of the great artists mentioned above.

The 10th International Festival of Contemporary Dance of the Venice Biennale Without my body space wouldn't even exist aims to transform Venice into a kind of Polis inhabited by dance, where the urban environment plays a very important role and dialogue with the primary elements of man: balance, gravity and movement. The 2016 programme of the Venice Biennale Dance Festival develops a series of practices and dialogues amongst dancers, audience, choreographers and citizens aimed at creating a common space, a sort of gesture of the city, a Polis made of steps and stops, movement and stillness, breaths and gestures.

The search for the choreographers invited to the Biennale Danza Venice 2016 will also investigate the relationship between dance and architecture: a search for the origin and development of space through dance, which will be used as physical and human scale in relation to the environment, the landscape and the structure of the Polis. The Venice Biennale Dance includes experiences, performances and shows to deepen the ties between dance and architecture: space, environment, context, walkways and margins aim to become an occasion to reflect on balance, democracy, shape and size.

Dancers and choreographers will be then asked to talk to the body and surrounding environment to create a path that can be transmitted and shared… Experiences, details and research on dance and the very meaning of the Biennale Danza in Venice.

The spaces of the Biennale Arsenale will be as always the heart of the event. True to the theme of Sieni's Dance Biennale, they will create a kind of Polis where the various locations will be in close relationship with the shows that will take place within them. Beside the Arsenal, many shows of the 10th Venice Dance Festival 2016 will take place also in the historic centre, both in the open-air squares and in numerous locations of great importance, such as the Gran Teatro La Fenice, Ca' Giustinian, the Palladian Cenacle of the Cini Foundation, the Palazzo Grassi Theatre, Palazzo Grimani and the B. Marcello Music Academy, a clear sign of the growing importance of the festival for the city of Venice.

Venice Biennale of Contemporary Dance: do not miss the 10th edition of one of the most prestigious and multicultural events on the world stage! From 17 to 26 June the Biennale Danza Venezia will be attended by great directors, musicians and contemporary choreographers!

By Insidecom Editorial Staff