Venice Carnival 2015

The world's most delicious festival!

From 31 January 2015 to 18 February 2015

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The long awaited opening of the Venice Carnival 2015 dates isset for Saturday, January 31st. Until February 17th the parties, shows, masks of the Venice Carnival 2015 events will give the 'city on water' the liveliest and most transgressive period of the year!

On this page you will find all the information you need for the Carnival of Venice in 2015, and some useful tips to combine a visit to the city with the numerous Carnival in Venice in 2015 events.

As a tribute to the Expo, Venice Carnival program 2015 will be devoted to food, taste and the promotion of regional delicacies.

Entrusted for the fifth consecutive year to the artistic direction of David Rampello, the 2015 Venice Carnival is a feast for the palate and offers conviviality, good food, finesse and quality. The Venice Carnival 2015 theme, 'The world's most delicious festival!', is linked to the theme of Expo Milan, the great universal exposition that this year will play a major role in addressing important issues such as the production of food, the enhancement of cultural traditions and the feeding of the planet.

Inspired by the literary, music and theatre tradition, the calendar of the Venice Carnival programme 2015 will offer many events related to regional culinary delicacies, a theme that will be developed with great fantasy in its scenes and settings. During the Venetian Carnival the food will be interpreted by the Cockaigne dreamed by Harlequin: the Grand Theatre of St. Mark's Square, the central location of the main events of the Venice Carnival 2015 schedule, will be festooned with green garlands and triumphs of food; the Arsenal will evoke the deep bond between Venice and food thanks to fittings and scenes depicting large banquets, markets and fascinating exotic foods arrived from the East; the museums and collections of the historical centre will offer special openings, thematic tours, exhibitions and events, with activities for children, enriching the program of the Carnival in Venice 2015 February with a fascinating mix of art, history, food and wine.

As per tradition, the main theme will be taken up in every detail of the Venice Carnival events 2015, offering tourists a truly unforgettable experience! In particular, the masks, which since centuries represent the soul of the carnival, in 2015 will draw inspiration from a fantastic and natural ambience... Fruits and vegetables, a special dish, a typical recipe can become an original and bizarre costume!

Food and wine will be in the foreground from the opening of the Venice, Italy Carnival in 2015, on Saturday, January 31st, with an unprecedented themed show on the banks and on the water in the Cannaregio district. The most important dates of the Carnival in Venice 2015 dates continue on the following day with the historical parade of boats, during which the typical dishes and desserts of Venice cuisine will be presented. The Venice Carnival program 2015 resumes on Saturday, February 7th with the opening of the Grand Theatre of St. Mark's Square, as always the focal point of the biggest events including the Festival of 'Marie', the Angel Flight, the Flight of the 'Eagle and the Competition of the most Beautiful Mask.

But the many proposals offered by the Carnival in Venice 2015 also includes the areas of the Arsenal where numerous evening and night shows will be held with firework displays, water fountains, music and dance...

The program of the Venice Carnival events 2015 will reach its peak during the week from Thursday 12th to the big closing party on Tuesday 17th, when events, shows and parades will enliven all of Venice!

Make a note of all the information for the Carnival in Venice 2015: dates, events, shows and parties are waiting for you from 31st January to 17th February!

Venice Carnival 2015: Program of the main events

  • Saturday 31st January - Opening of the Carnival with a water show along the Rio of Cannaregio
  • Sunday, February 1st - Boat procession along the Grand Canal to Rio of Cannaregio;
  • Saturday, 7th February  - Carnival Parade of Marie, inauguration of the Gran Theatre of St Mark's Square, inauguration of the parties at the Arsenale;
  • Sunday, 8th February - Flight of the Angel
  • Sunday, 15th February - Flight of the Eagle; final of the Best Mask 2015 competition;
  • Tuesday, 17th February - Flight of the Lion, proclamation of the Mary of Carnival 2015.

In addition, the Venice, Carnival program 2015 from Saturday 7th to Tuesday, 17th February includes: every night events at the Arsenal and every day the Competition for 'The most beautiful Mask' and touring shows in St Mark's Square.

If you have planned a short holiday in Venice to soak up the lively atmosphere of the Venice Carnival and the numerous side events, venetoinside wants to offer some suggestions for the Venice Carnival and what to do for a memorable stay!

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Do not miss the Venice, Italy Carnival 2015, events, shows and entertainment for everyone in the most magical city in the world!


By Insidecom Editorial Staff

By Insidecom Editorial Staff