Venice International Festival of Contemporary Music 2015

'The Sound of Memory' on stage at the Biennale

From 02 October 2015 to 11 October 2015


Once again, the most beautiful city in the world is preparing to host one of the most anticipated musical events: Venice music festival everything is now ready for the 59th International Festival of Contemporary Music of Venice, which from 2 to 11 October will present numerous concerts and interesting meetings. In the new edition of the Venice Biennale of Music, the program offers no less than 16 world premieres, and performances by talented composers and performers from around the world.  

One of the main objectives of the Venice Biennale Music Festival, as well as the one dedicated to theatre and dance, is to give young musicians the opportunity to grow professionally, to perform and also to work alongside great masters of international fame. Therefore, this year the 'Biennale College' event has been inserted in the program, an initiative dedicated to young artists which had achieved great success in previous years.  

The title of the 2015 International Festival of Contemporary Music Venice Biennale chaired by Paolo Baratta and directed by the renowned composer Ivan Fedele, is 'The Sound of Memory': the theme of memory will be treated in all its meanings, as a cognitive tool as well as a source of precious memories and historical traces.  

The Music Biennale of Venice - 2015 - offers a really full program of events: the prominent names include Georges Aperghis, Pierre Boulez, Giuseppe Sinopoli and Helmut Lachenmann, to whom we give further attention to below.  

Starting with Georges Aperghis: composer and original Greek author, who has been mainly engaged in theatre-experimental music, during his career he has also composed a number of chamber music pieces.
Ironic and surreal artist, Aperghis will at the Venice Contemporary Music Festival present the opera 'Machinations', a return to the origins of the language in which four beautiful female voices will create an imaginary language, which will intertwine strange phenomena, music, objects and modern technology. The show will be staged at the Theatre alle Tese on Saturday, 10 October at 8.30pm after the award ceremony for the Golden Lion for Lifetime Achievement. The prize was awarded to George Aperghis precisely because of his understanding of the musical theatre, a revolution that has made him the modern role model for many young artists. Following his philosophy, Aperghis renews the classic way of 'making music' by entering, in equal measure, vocal, instrumental, scenic and gestural elements, as demonstrated in the show at the 59th edition of the Festival of Contemporary Music in Venice.  

Another special guest, a real pearl in the calendar of the Biennale of 2015 Music, will be the essayist, composer and conductor Pierre Boulez, who in 2012 won the coveted Golden Lion for Lifetime Achievement, as the author of compositions considered worldwide masterpieces of contemporary life. In his conducting, Boulez has managed to masterfully reinterpret the classical repertoire and has written several volumes that have become a source of inspiration and true and proper guides for budding composers. The Music Festival in Venice and the Film Festival want to celebrate the ninety years of the great master with the performance of one of the greatest cellists in the world, Marc Coppey, on Sunday, 11 October at midday in the Hall of Columns of Ca' Giustinian.  

The Venice Music Biennale will host this year the great German composer Helmut Lachenman, Golden Lion for Lifetime Achievement in 2008. The music of the great master, now eighty years old, will be played by the Ensemble Recherche on Thursday, 8 October at 8pm in Ca' Giustinian and, at the same venue, on Sunday, 4 October at 8pm with the Ensemble Musikfabrik.  

As already mentioned, a large space of the Venice Music Biennale will be devoted to the project College Music Biennial, which this year is dedicated to the famous composer and conductor Giuseppe Sinopoli and his 'Souvenirs à la mémoire', a true pillar of 20th century music. The work will be performed by an orchestra of young musicians from all over the world and will be directed by Michele Carulli, right-hand man of Sinopoli for a long time. The show will take place on Sunday, 11 October at the Teatro Piccolo of the Arsenale in Venice and is highly recommended!  

At the 2015 International Festival of Contemporary Music in Venice Biennale there will be many young composers, some little known in Italy but others are already internationally known: such as Luca Antignani, Milica Djordjevic, Dai Fujikura, Nina Šenk, Aureliano Cattaneo, Federico Gardella, Pasquale Corrado, Philip Zapponi Silvia Borzelli, Benoît Chantry, Marcin Stanczyk and Lara Morciano and other big names like Fabio Nieder, George Benjamin, Fabio Cifariello Ciardi, Vladimir Tarnopolski, Matteo D'Amico and Dieter Amann. Giving a voice to their works will be important European ensembles such as the Ensemble Recherche, the Klangforum Wien and the Ensemble Musikfabrik and the latest formations Studio for New Music Moscow and the European Contemporary Orchestra, made up of as many as 33 elements from the Netherlands, Belgium and France.  

Other protagonists of the music Biennale Venezia 2015 will be the Lemanic Modern Music Ensemble, the unique wind quintet Slowind, the trio named after Josef Suk and the quartet Leonis; there will be extraordinary performers like cellist Francesco Dillon, who will perform with pianist Emanuel Torquati and the piano duo composed of Turkish sisters Ufuk and Bahar Dördüncü.  

To complete the program of the music Biennale Venezia two real masters of the piano: David Greilsammer, who will perform 'Scarlatti & Cage: Sonatas', and Giuseppe Albanese who with his music will explore the Hungarian piano world from Liszt to Ligeti.  

On Monday, 5 October at 4pm the Theatre Piccolo Arsenale will stage 'Chemical Free - A journey into the microcosm of matter', a multimedia show that was created with the intention of telling science through art. The performance will see on stage together visual artists, scientists and musicians directed by the great master of electronics Alvise Vidolin and composer Nicola Sani.  

At the Venice Biennale, contemporary music festival Venice, art and technology will merge harmoniously in the show loosely based on the 15 poems that Edoardo Sanguinetti devoted to the works of Mantegna. 'Words of September', composed by Aureliano Cattaneo, will be staged with the visual artist Arotin & Serghei and the musicians of Klangforum Wien.  

From 2 to 11 October, do not miss the 59th International Music Festival in Venice, Italy tickets can also be purchased online on the official website: Book one of our fantastic hotels and enjoy ten days of music, shows and meetings with the biggest names in international contemporary music, immersed in the magic that only Venice can offer! 




DATES: from 2 to 11 October 2015

Concerts at Theatre alle Tese and Piccolo Theatre Arsenale
€20.00 full
€16 reduced
€13 groups
€10 students
€5 groups /secondary schools

Concerts at Hall of Colonne - Ca' Giustinian
€15 full Reduced
€10 (students under 26 years of age) 

Concerts in the Hall of Arms - Arsenale (1 entry Art Biennale includes Arsenal headquarters)
€16 full 
€ 11 (students under 26 years of age)

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