Venice Marathon 2012: the fascinating marathon between the Riviera del Brenta and Venice is back

28 October 2012


Sunday, 28 October one of the most exciting Venice events 2012 will be held: Venicemarathon, which is traditionally held every year on the last Sunday in October.

Since 1986 the Venice Marathon offers a unique and exciting event, both for the athletes and for the general public, winding through some of the most beautiful areas of the region: the Riviera del Brenta and Venice. An essential Venice sports event, the Venicemarathon 2012 celebrates its 27th edition and is now considered as one of the biggest Venice events.

As usual, the route of the Venice Marathon 2012 will be 42.195 km, starting in front of the beautiful Villa Pisani and arriving in the heart of Venice, just a short distance from Piazza San Marco.

The Venice Marathon route map is almost entirely flat, except for some short uphill sections located between 25 and 35 km. With regard to the route in the historic centre of Venice, the athletes will have to overcome as many as 14 bridges, all equipped with wooden ramps to ensure a smooth and unobstructed path. The Marathon of Venice will follow a path paved with large stone slabs (the "paving stones") except for the part just before the end point (last 100m) in pav.

The entire Venice Marathon course map is closed to traffic, with indicators at every mile of the race and refreshments at every 5 km.

The beginning of the Venicemarathon is set at about 30 km from Venice at Str, in the charming scenery of the Riviera del Brenta, a prestigious holiday destination of Venetian nobles in the sixteenth and eighteenth centuries, while the end point of the fascinating Venice Marathon map will be Riva Sette Martini, located between San Marco and the Biennale Gardens.

The beautiful Venetian villas overlooking the Brenta Canal will be the backdrop to the first part of the Venice Marathon, an easy to follow path that crosses Fiesso d'Artico, Dolo, Mira, Oriago and Malcontenta.

The marathon will then continue to Marghera and Mestre, where it will pass Piazza Ferretto, and then follow a stretch of road in San Giuliano Park, approximately 2 km immersed in this large green area overlooking the lagoon of Venice.

Athletes of the Venice Marathon then cross the Liberty Bridge to Venice and get into the most scenic part of the route: after a short stretch in the port area, the marathon sails along the Giudecca Canal to Punta della Dogana where the usual bridge floating on the Grand Canal will be set up in Piazza San Marco.

In its final stage, the Venice Marathon will touch a symbol of Venice, St Marks Square, past buildings that mark the ancient history of this wonderful city, St Marks Basilica and Doges Palace, and then head for the finish in Riva Sette Martiri, through the picturesque Riva degli Schiavoni, overlooking St Marks Basin.

Do not miss one of the most fascinating Italian sports events in Venice, a unique and exciting marathon that runs through some of the most enchanting areas of Veneto! Registration for the Venice Marathon is now open and, to meet the very high number of requests, new organizational solutions have enabled the organizers to increase the number of pectorals available until 8000!Treat yourself to the magic of this great event discovering the beautiful places touched by the Venice Marathon with an itinerary between Venice and the Riviera del Brenta! Find the right hotel in Venice that best suits your needs and book on!

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Period: 28 October 2012

Event location: Venice

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