Venice Marathon 2014

a unique marathon surrounded by fascinating landscapes

26 October 2014


Are you ready for the Venice Marathon 2014? An exceptional course that from the Riviera del Brenta reaches the heart of Venice. On Sunday, the Venice Marathon on 26 October 2014, will start in Stra!

Since its inception in 1986, the Venice Marathon offers a unique spectacle and one that is much appreciated by the large audience that follows the race by encouraging the athletes along the way year after year. The 29th Venice Marathon is scheduled for the fourth Sunday in October!

The Venice Marathon 2014 route will start from the beautiful Riviera del Brenta, in Stra, Venice, with the classic distance of 42.195 kilometres: an exciting mararthon in Italy in 2014 passing by an impressive succession of splendid villas, art, nature and fun.

In addition, the42,195 km Marathon of Venice, will be joined by 'Marathons City of Art', a national project sponsored by the Italian Federation of Athletics to combine sport, socialization and enhancement of the area. Like the Rome Marathon, the Florence Marathon and the Turin Marathon, the Marathon Venice on October 28, 2014 begins a new chapter in its exciting story!


But the news does not end here... For the first time, the 29th Venice Marathon - October 2014 will be accompanied by a non-competitive Venice Marathon family run of 10 km involving the latest and most picturesque stretch of the route. Venice Marathon : Parco San Giuliano is the starting point of the VM10KM which then joins the normal route and reaches the same arrival point of the Venice Marathon route in Riva Sette Martiri. This new sporting event in Venice, Italy is intended as a gift to the general public, allowing everyone to enjoy the beauty and the extraordinary emotions that Venice gives.

As usual, the start of the Marathon in Venice, Italy is set in Stra near the famous Villa Pisani, hence the athletes pass the Brenta Canal then head to Marghera. In the next 'stage' of the Venice Marathon, Mestre, athletes will travel to San Giuliano Park before crossing the Ponte della Libertà to reach magical Venice.

In the historical centre, the Venice Marathon 2014 will show its most difficult and engaging part. The runners, now exhausted, come to Punta della Dogana, where they cross the bridge of boats on the Grand Canal to reach the pavement area and the longed-for arrival of the marathon in Venice, along the magnificent Riva degli Schiavoni.

Refreshments and assistance will be present along the entire VM10KM and Venice Marathon 2014 route and the arrivals of both races will take place near the Biennale Gardens, in Riva Sette Martyrs.

To facilitate the Venice Marathon, the route will be closed to traffic and the bridges will be equipped with wooden ramps to make the entire course of the race as safe as possible. Except for a few small uphill sections, the route of the marathon is smooth and flat.

Not only sport: as always, the Exposport Venice Marathon Charity Program will play a very important role within the event and many other events will be the backdrop to the great day of the Venice Marathon. San Giuliano Park will host a veritable citadel dedicated to lovers of the sport, with presentations, workshops, Coni Open Sport, not to mention the Pasta Party and the Venice Marathon Expo to learn about the latest market news and meet the top runners!


October 26, 2014: whether you're an athlete or just a fan, the appointment with the Venice Marathon 2014 entry promises to be an event not to be missed!

By Insidecom Editorial Staff