Venice Marathon 2016

From Villa Pisani in Stra to Venice, 42 km of adrenaline and thrill!

23 October 2016

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Everything is ready for one of the most important races on the calendar for runners in Italy: the Venezia Marathon 2016 is waiting for you on Sunday 23 October to give you unforgettable emotions!

Now in its 31st edition, the Marathon of Venice includes a special itinerary from the Riviera del Brenta that will take athletes to the heart of Venice. Do not miss one of the most exciting sporting events in Veneto!

Founded in 1986, the Venice Marathon, Italy is an international race on the Olympic distance of 42.195 kilometres, recognized by the IAAF and certified Silver Label.

The peculiarity of the competition is the beauty of the landscape that is encountered along the way: at the start, the Maratona Venezia offers impressive views of the Brenta River with its historic villas and upon arriving in Venice, after the usual transit on the Bridge of Boats, the athletes will be caught by the magic of St Mark's Square, the Doge's Palace and the famous Bell Tower.

With the passage of the editions, the Venice Marathon course has become increasingly popular, becoming a fixture on the calendar of running races not only for athletes, from all over the world, but also for fans that participate in higher numbers in the race every year urging the runners along the entire Venice marathon route.

Following the success of past editions, the Venice Marathon 2016 once again offers the VM10KM, the 'mini' 10 km Venice Marathon, a non-competitive race on the last 10km of the normal race course (approx. 10.7 kilometres). The start is from the San Giuliano Park in Mestre, and the finish line is in Venice, Riva Sette Martiri, precisely where the official Venice Marathon finishes. The VM10KM is open to everyone, even to those that are untrained, and follows one of the nicest tracks in the world which will transmit unforgettable emotions!

In this new edition of the Venice Marathon, the start point does not change: it starts from the beautiful Villa Pisani in the small town of Stra, located in the initial part of the River Brenta, known around the world for the Venetian villas that overlook the river Brenta.

After passing through the centre of Marghera and Mestre, the Venice Marathon October 2016 will cross San Giuliano Park and the Libertà Bridge to Venice: during this evocative and unforgettable stretch, athletes will rung along the Giudecca Canal until Punta della Dogana, where they will cross the Grand Canal on the special Venice Marathon pontoon bridge built on the occasion of the race!

The route of Venice Marathon will then continue to St Mark's Square, passing the Bell Tower and the Doge's Palace, until the finish in Riva Sette Martiri, from where you can admire a breathtaking view of the Venice Lagoon.

To ensure the athletes a safe and smooth conduct of the Marathon in Venice, during the entire Venice Marathon route and the VM10KM there will be a range of refreshment stops and assistance, the entire route will be closed to traffic and for all the bridges affected by the competition there will be special wooden ramps.

Thanks to the numerous initiatives organized across the whole province of Venice, the 10k Venice Marathon 2016 also seeks to be an opportunity to bring people closer to sport: for this reason, even for this year's edition the Venice Marathon Family Run 2016 will get the various villages of the province involved in short non-competitive races on a 4 km race course. Family Runs, organised in the weeks preceding the Venice Marathon, bring young generations and families together in the name of fun and health, imitating the atmosphere of a marathon.

Venice Marathon, October 2016 - Family Run

-Saturday 8th October, San Donà di Piave - 9am in Piazza Indipendenza

-Saturday 15th October, Dolo (Riviera del Brenta) - 9am at the Campo di Atletica 'Walter Martire'.

-Saturday 22nd October, Mestre - 9am at Venice Marathon Exposport at the San Giuliano Park

On top of offering an opportunity to spend time outdoors, the Family Runs are also an important moment to socialise, raise funds and promote ethical initiatives.

As an additional solidarity event, the 31st Venice Marathon also includes the Marathon Charity Program, with an exceptional testimonial, the Olympic athlete Alex Zanardi, the former Formula One driver and great Handbike champion. The Marathon Charity Program is a format of solidarity which aims to raise funds for important social projects. Unlike last year, this year marathoners will also be involved. How? At the time of registering for the Venice Marathon 10KM or the Venice full Marathon, each athlete will have the chance to combine their sport adventure with a good solidarity action, by deciding to run for one of the Non-profit organizations participating and engaging in fundraising.

'Exposport', within the Venice Marathon, will take place at the San Giuliano Park in Mestre, Venice: a fair dedicated to sport and spare time occupations, open from Friday 21st October from 9am to 8pm until Saturday 22nd October from 9am to 8pm. Events area, group training, presentations and qualified instructors will create a unique atmosphere surrounding the Venice Marathon at Parco San Giuliano!

Venezia Marathon date 2016 is included in the calendar of the most important sporting events in Italy! The VM10KM and the Venice Marathon are waiting for you on Sunday 23 October! From Stra to Venice - the arrival of the Venice Marathon 2016 - the route will be full of great emotions!

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By Insidecom Editorial Staff