Venice Marathon 2020 Special Edition

Even this year the Venice Marathon will go ahead! Are you ready for the 2020 Special Edition?

25 October 2020

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The Venice Marathon 2020 is ready to set off! Sunday, October 25th one of the most important races in the calendar of Italian running is back: a storm of emotions for the public and for athletes, spanning amazing landscapes, adrenaline and solidarity.

Founded in 1986, the Venice Marathon, Italy is an international race on the Olympic distance of 42.195 kilometres, recognized by the IAAF and certified Silver Label.

The peculiarity of the competition is the beauty of the landscape that is encountered along the way: from the Brenta Riviera with its historic villas to St Mark’s Square in Venice.

Edition after edition, the Venice marathon has slowly earned its place as a constant presence in the calendar of Italian and international races, now with athletes coming from all over the world to participate, and also with fans who watch the race along the whole route encouraging the runners.

Now in its 35th edition, the Venice Marathon 2020 will be a very special Edition with a rich and innovative program of events that will be run to replace the 42k and 10k, which will not take place due to the protracted Covid-19 pandemic.

Precisely for this reason and to launch a strong message of continuity and enthusiasm, this year the 'Venicemarathon One for All' and the 'Venicemarathon Virtual Race' 42K and 10K will instead be featured.


Venicemarathon One for All

One athlete for the male category and one athlete for the female category will be drawn from among all those registered and they will run on 25 October 2020 along the traditional route in representation of all the athletes registered for the Venice Marathon 2020: the start will be in front of Villa Pisani, located in Stra, in the initial part of the splendid Riviera del Brenta. Once they set off the athletes will run surrounded by magical Venetian villas, a symbol of the opulent past of the Serenissima... They will then cross the center of Marghera and Mestre until they reach the Park of San Giuliano and Ponte della Libertà. Once arrived in Venice they’ll run along the port area and the Giudecca Canal up to Punta della Dogana. A special boat bridge approx. 170 m long, created especially for the occasion of the marathon will allow athletes to cross the Grand Canal to reach St Mark’s Square! High water levels permitting, the Venice, Italy Marathon 2020 will continue touching the Campanile and the Doge’s Palace until the finishing line in Riva Sette Martiri, where athletes will be met with a breathtaking view of the Venice Lagoon.

In an almost entirely flat course, the only difficulties of the Venice Marathon 10k 2020 route are: between km 25 and 35, where athletes will have to face 3 or 4 uphill sections approx. 100 m long, and in the last 3 km, when runners will have to cross 14 small bridges, equipped with wooden ramps, above the canals of Venice.

To make sure they will run in complete safety, the two runners will be accompanied by a team of pacemakers and followed by a colorful caravan that will assist and aid them along the entire route. A film crew will document the event live on the web and social channels of Venicemarathon.


Venicemarathon Virtual Race' 42K e 10K

In this special edition of the Venice Marathon, however, running will not be only virtual! In fact, all the other athletes registered for the Venice Marathon 2020, both in the 42K and in the shortest distance of 10K, will be able to run individually along routes of their choice. The distance must be covered as a continuous run (not in stages) but you will have a week to complete it: from 9.00 on Sunday 25 October until midnight on Sunday 1 November. To participate in the race, simply download the app, provided to all subscribers by the organizers, which will collect and directly send the race data to the system which will automatically compile the ranking.

On Sunday 25 October, athletes will also be able, upon reservation, to run the 'Virtual 10' at the San Giuliano Park in Mestre. The race must be carried out individually with start of own choice from 9.00 to 18.00. Here, in compliance with Covid regulations, you can watch the runners of the 'Venicemarathon One for All' as they pass the 30th kilometer.

To ensure the athletes a safe and smooth conduct of the Marathon in Venice, during the entire route, both of the 42K and the 10K, there will be a range of refreshment stops and assistance, the entire route will be closed to traffic with signs at every km and for all the bridges affected by the competition there will be special wooden ramps.

Solidarity has always been a staple of the Venicemarathon that with its Charity Program aims to raise funds for important social projects involving first-hand the same marathon runners: when registering for the 35th Venice Marathon or the VM10KM, each athlete may decide to run for one of the Non-Profit organizations participating in the initiative and commit themselves to raise donations for it.

There will also be the Venicemarathon 2020 Expo Village, which will too be virtual: it will host an exhibition section dedicated to businesses, a conference arena and a bib collection area. It will be open to the public from Monday 19 October.

The Venice Marathon 2020 42K and 10K are waiting for you on Sunday, October 25th! A race full of great emotions from Stra to the heart of the Serenissima!

In memory of this special Venice Marathon 2020, all participants will receive, in addition to the official t-shirt of the event, the exclusive commemorative medal, designed by Milton Glaser, the American graphic designer who passed away recently. He is known around the world for his famous 'I LOVE NY' logo.


Venice Marathon timetables and full program on the official website



By Insidecom Editorial Staff