Venice Pottery Ceramics 2013

From 06 April 2013 to 20 October 2013

From 6 April 6 to 20 October Bochaleri ai Giardini 2013 offers a series of Venice piazza events to raise awareness of Venetian pottery and the many possibilities offered by this ancient and authentic material.Bochaleri Venezia has become one of the most interesting Venice events in recent years. The Venice ceramics event is promoted by associazione Bochaleri Venezia and takes place just a few steps from the Biennale Gardens with two or more appointments per month.

Now in its 11th edition, Bochaleri ai Giardini includes a rich series of events to rediscover this ancient 'arte povera', created by combining simple elements, such as earth, water and fire, imagination and creativity.

Facing the magnificent Serra dei Giardini, headquarters of the Bochaleri association, there will be workshops, conferences and laboratories involving the public in the manufacture of ceramics, including contemporary and ancient Venice pottery.

In addition to the interactive events, an extraordinary exhibition of Venice ceramics will present the wide range of possibilities offered by the pottery, Venice, Italy through the unique works created by the genius of the Venetian ceramists: beads, ornaments, vases, jewellery, dishes... in one of the most unusual Venice upcoming events in 2013!Bochaleri di Venezia 2013, from 10am to 6pm on the following dates:6/21.044/19/29/30/31.051/16.066/21.07 3/18.08 7/15.095/20.10Founded in 2003, the Association of potters - Venetian Bochaleri consists of about sixty craftsmen and lovers of ceramics united in order to promote the rediscovery of ceramic art. The association aims to become a commercial reference point and show to the world the pottery in Venice, a laboratory to preserve, experiment and demonstrate the different techniques of ceramics.

Organized by Venetian pottery to give visibility to this almost forgotten unique niche craft, Bochaleri ai Giardini promises to be one of the unmissable cultural Venice events over the next few months!

By Insidecom Editorial Staff