Venice Sherwood Festival & Venice Sunsplash 2014

music and exhibitions for a hot summer in Parco San Giuliano

From 09 August 2014 to 31 August 2014


After Padua, the Venice Sherwood Festival 2014 changes location and takes place in the Parco San Giuliano, Mestre in Venice: Sunsplash 2014 is ready to start in this beautiful setting!

From August 9 to 31 the Venice Sherwood Festival program will involve thousands of people for 20 days of music and fun, to conclude with the four days of the Venice Sunsplash Festival 2014!

Venice Sunsplash 2014: a program of major events and concerts for a long summer of fun!

The events in Venice in August 2014 are organized by Radio Sherwood, the Venice Sherwood Festival at Parco San Giuliano Venice - Sunsplash is the ideal extension of the historic Padua festival which is held annually between the months of June and July. The wide range of art, music, theatre and social events have made Sunsplash, in just a few years, one of the most respected independent famous festivals in Italy. The Venice Sunsplash Festival is enterely dedicated to the Venice Reggae Festival 2014 .

As in past editions, the Sherwood Festival in Venice and the Venice Sunsplash in San Giuliano 2014 will take place in one of the largest parks in Europe, a huge green area, overlooking the Venice lagoon.

The Venice Sherwood Festival program follows the leitmotif of research, experimentation and avant-garde. Do not miss the traditional events '€1 will suffice', the evenings with great guests of the Venice Sherwood Festival Caparezza, Pierpaolo Capovilla and Luci della Centrale Elettrica to give some examples, and the time devoted to debate and discussion.

The great festival of Venice summer events 2014 will end with the Venice Raggae Sunsplash. Venice Sunsplash is open to international reggae for four days that will see on the different stages artists such as General Levy & Bonnot, Soul Caribe, Shaggy, Mellow Mood, Horace Andy, Sud Sound System and many more. For the Venice Sunsplash Sherwood Festival 2014 the camping and dining areas will be open from 26 to 31 August.

Music, entertainment, shows and social engagement: Sunsplash in Venice and Sherwood: San Giuliano promises to be a must-see location. From August 9 to 31 do not miss the most anticipated events of the summer! Venice Sherwood Festival in Mestre in 2014 will give great emotions!

By Insidecom Editorial Staff