'Venice, the Jews and Europe' at the Doge's Palace

An exhibition dedicates to Venetian Jews and their history, on the occasion of the 500 anniversary of Venice Ghetto

From 19 June 2016 to 13 November 2016


On the occasion of the celebrations for the 500th anniversary of the founding of the Jewish Ghetto in Venice, the Doge's Palace is housing the exhibition 'Venice, the Jews and Europe', a fascinating exhibit open to the public from June 19 to November 13, 2016, staged in the elegant halls of the Doge's Apartment.

The Jewish Ghetto Venice Exhibit intends to investigate the dynamics that led to the conception and birth of the Venetian Ghetto, its history and the relationships established by the Venetian Jewish community with the local society and with other Jewish neighbourhoods in Europe and the Mediterranean. The primary objective of the Doge's Palace exhibition, Venice, is to bring to light the intense bond developed between the city on water and the Jews during the long period of their stay in the lagoon, the mutual influences and relationships between the Jews and other religious and social minorities in Venice.

Starting from the processes that led to the creation of the first 'fence' for the Jews in the world - that are part of a broader study on the management of minorities living in the 'capital' of the Serenissima - the exhibition in the Doge's Palace, Venice, Italy analyses cultural and linguistic relations, artisan skills and the trades that the Jewish community of Venice wanted to share with Christians and with the vast and very different mixture of peoples, cultures and traditions that lived in the territory of the Venetian Republic, one of the main commercial powers on the Mediterranean coastline. The Doge's Palace Venice Jews exhibition then broadens its gaze to the relations that the Venetian Jewish community established in the course of its long history, relations that expanded and covered a very wide geographical area and that were able to evolve over time and adapt to the social, political and cultural changes of each time.


Doge's Palace Venice Exhibitions 2016 - 'Venice, the Jews and Europe'

  • Before the Ghetto - Rooms 1-2
  • Cosmopolitan Venice - Room 3
  • The cosmopolitan Ghetto - Room 4
  • Synagogues - Room 5
  • Jewish culture and the role of women - Room 6
  • Trade between the 17th and 18th century - Room 7
  • Napoleon: the opening of the gates and assimilation - Room 8
  • The merchant of Venice - Room 9a
  • Collecting, collectors - Rooms 9-10
  • The twentieth century - Rooms 9-11


The Palazzo Ducale exhibition in Venice is one of the activities promoted by the Committee for the 500th anniversary of the Ghetto of Venice and is organized in collaboration with the Civic Museum Foundation of Venice, the Jewish Museum of Venice and IUAV; with the support of the Veneto Region and the Foundations: David Berg in New York, Venetian Heritage, Galdys Krieble Delmas, Save Venice, and Ugo and Olga Levi in Venice.

The Chair Role of the Scientific Committee in charge with the exhibition, composed of the greatest world scholars of the Ghetto of Venice, has been entrusted to Donatella Calabi, Professor of History of Architecture at the IUAV University of Venice and maximum expert on the urban history of the Ghetto.

The history of the Venice Ghetto, its growth over the centuries, the architecture, the craft corporation, daily life and relations between Jews and Venice, analyzed in the broader context of the relations that these two worlds entertained with other Jewish settlements in the Mediterranean countries and Europe... The exhibition on the Jews in Venice will be a real journey through the history of the Jewish minority that for centuries lived in Venice, a tribute to celebrate the 5th centenary of the foundation of the Jewish quarter of Venice, the first ghetto in Europe.

The original itinerary of the Doge's Palace Exhibition merges art and Jewish Venetian culture with testimonies capable of proving the strong and mutual influence between the Jews and the local society - these are mainly biblical subject works that show a certain symbiosis of the Venetian landscape and the stories of the Old Testament - all enriched by multimedia and language content suitable for a high-level distribution.

Visitors to the fascinating Jewish Ghetto Venice 2016 exhibition will follow the development of the Ghetto over time through a virtual reconstruction, learn about customs and Jewish religious practices thanks to important ritual objects that represent an interesting mix of Jewish culture and crafts and finally approach the Jewish press in Venice through several books, in particular with the example of the Talmud printed for the first time in the Venice area and still used today all over the world in the same edition.

The Venice Ghetto, culture, traditions and the life in the Jewish Ghetto in Venice in the Doge's Palace Exhibition: a great tribute to Jews in the year of the 500th anniversary of the founding of the first ghetto in Europe.

The exhibition 'Venice, Jews and Europe' is open every day and accessible by purchasing a special ticket directly at the Doge's Palace ticket office - it is therefore not included in the normal entrance fee to the museum; if you want a more complete experience we remind you that you can book online a private guided tour of the Doge's Palace Venice Jews exhibition: when you fill out the request form, you can just specify the desired type of visit under the heading 'Preferences for the tour '. The exhibition can also be embedded in a broader Venice itinerary which includes a visit to the Venice Ghetto with its synagogues and the Jewish Museum.

Tickets for Doge's Palace Jews Exhibition

  • Full €12.00
  • Reduced* €10.00 (children 6 to 14 years, students from 15 to 25 years, over 65, staff of the Ministry for Cultural Affairs and Tourism, Museum Pass holders, holders of VeneziaUnica or RollingVenice Card, Youth Card holders, ICOM members, Trenitalia clients (Frecciargento and Frecciabianca arriving in Venice, international tickets with destination Italy, FS Group employees and Carta Freccia holders), Carta Servizi Cinema More holders)
  • Reduced for groups (min. 15 people) €10.00
  • Reduced schools €5.00 (participants list on school headed paper)
  • Free* for disabled people and assistant, authorized guides of the Province of Venice, tourist interpreters accompanying groups, accompanying teachers of school groups (max. 2 per group), tour leaders (max. 1) of groups of adults, ordinary partners of MUVE with a Cultivistcard (plus three escorts).

* a document certifying the right to reduce or gratuity is required.

Opening times of Doge's Palace Venice Exhibitions 2016

From 19 June to 31 October

8.30am to 7.00pm (last entrance at 6.00pm)

From 1 to 13 November

8.30am to 5.30pm (last entrance at 4.30pm)

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