Verona In Love 2014

the celebration of Valentine's Day in Verona, Italy translates into ... Verona In Love

From 13 February 2014 to 16 February 2014


As per tradition, the celebration of Valentine's Day in Verona, Italy translates into ... Verona In Love!


Verona In Love 2014 dates are consistent with the most romantic weekend of the year: From Thursday 13 to Sunday 16 February. The long and exciting romantic weekend in Verona provides a rich and varied program of events suitable for those in love!


The numerous Verona in Love programme for Valentine's Day in Verona 2014 will take place in some of the most beautiful places of the city, such as Juliet's House, Piazza Bra and Cortile Mercato Vecchio.


Now in its 10th year, the Verona in Love festival will offer to all lovers the opportunity to experience a magical weekend in the unique and poetic city that was the backdrop to one of the most poignant love stories and romantic literature, 'Romeo and Juliet' by William Shakespeare.


With shows, events, art, music, cinema and theatre, the rich program of Valentine's Day in Verona will be celebrated in one of the most romantic cities in the world.


On the occasion of Verona In Love, Piazza dei Signori will host a market offering typical products and excellence from the area - in addition to the famous red heart that has become the symbol of the event thanks to the photos of Verona In Love from the torre dei Lamberti - while the path through the city centre to Piazza Bra will be lit and decorated in the sign of love.


The Verona in Love events will also include: 'Dear Juliet Award', dedicated to letters written to the Shakespearean heroine; 'Message of the Heart' to express one's feelings with a really special dedication; Seal of love by Verona In Love, to be booked by February 8, 2014, to receive a symbolic promise of eternal love sealed with wax; and finally the spectacular Verona in Love kiss to show everyone your love with a long 'collective' kiss in the heart of the Scaligeri city.


Wine tasting and live concerts round up of events for Verona and Valentine's Day in 2014.


In addition, on Valentine's Day in Verona in 2014, many lovers will crown their dream of love in some of the most important buildings of the city: famous places such as Juliet's House, the Guarienti Rooms or the Chapel of Notaries lend themselves as an unforgettable wedding location!


And if you're looking for a romantic place to spend the Valentine's Day in Verona, plan your Verona in Love events weekend with!

By Insidecom Editorial Staff


Period: From 13 February 2014 to 16 February 2014

Event location: Verona

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