Verona in Love 2015

If you love someone... bring them to Verona for Valentines Day!

From 12 February 2015 to 15 February 2015


This year too, as tradition has it, Valentine's day in Verona finds its highest expression in ... Verona In Love 2015!

If you are looking for ideas for Valentines Day in Italy, it is good to mark in your diary these dates: from Thursday 12th to Sunday 15th February 2015, the long and exciting weekend of Valentine's Day in Verona in Italy provides a rich program of events that will involve all lovers in the celebrations and the exchanges of wishes for Valentine's Day.

The charming Verona In Love 2015 program will allow you to celebrate the most romantic weekend of the year in a special and unique way!

Every year, during the celebrations in Verona on Valentine's day, the city's historic center is transformed, offering decorations, lights and fascinating elements designed specifically to be a setting for Verona In Love, accompanying the loving couples between monuments, itineraries and events during the most romantic weekend in Verona.

The Valentines day of Verona In Love 2015 will offer all lovers the opportunity to experience four days in the unique and magical poetry of the city that has been the backdrop to one of the most poignant and romantic love stories of literature, 'Romeo and Juliet ' by William Shakespeare.

Now in its 11th edition, the Verona in Love festival will paint in red the most charming sites of the city: the streets of the historic center, Juliet's balcony, Piazza dei Signori, the Old Market Courtyard and many other magical places, making you fully relive the tragic and thwarted love of Romeo and Juliet.

Many the initiatives for Verona and Valentine's Day 2015 labeled 'Verona In Love': 'A Heart to discover' in Piazza dei Signori, with a street market, the tasting and sale of local products, gift items and artisan crafts, of course all thematic, as well the famous red heart that has become the symbol of the event, thanks to the striking photo taken from the top of the adjacent Lamberti Tower, the tallest building in the city, which, on the occasion of Valentine day Verona 2015, will be illuminated in red. There will be the opportunity to reach the top thanks to a lift and enjoy a truly breathtaking panorama of Verona and Piazza dei Signori; 'Shop windows in Love', where the downtown shops become an integral part of this original call to love by having thematic decorated windows; 'Lighting of Love', the route through the historic centerto Piazza Bra that will be lit and decorated in the name of love thanks to romantic choreographies created by large bright red hearts.

Valentine's Day romantic weekend in Verona is enriched by other loving events such as the 'Dear Juliet Prize', dedicated to the most fascinating and passionate love letters written to the beautiful Capulet lady by lovers from around the world; the 'Message from the Heart', a big bulletin board where you can leave a message or a dedication of love to your sweetheart; the 'Seal of love' of Verona In Love 2015, a special parchment, sealed with wax, which symbolizes the promise of eternal love between lovers; and finally 'A heart of kisses', the spectacular collective kiss in Verona, Piazza dei Signori, where all loving couples are invited to kiss each other for a minute under a shower of colorful heart shaped confetti, nicknamed 'Puffs of Love'.

As well as these, the ideas for Valentine's Day in Verona, the city which has always been a symbol of romance, involve many other areas: for the lovers of opera, the events in Verona on Valentine's Day in 2015 include the Shakespearean tragedy 'Opera in Love - Romeo and Juliet ', a magnificent show, unique in the world, joining the art of melodrama to the ideal of eternal love, on Friday 13th and Saturday February 14th at 19:00 in the picturesque church of Santa Maria in Chiavica, in the city center; Sunday, February 15th there will be one of the most anticipated events of Valentines day in Verona 2015, the 8th edition of the Verona in Love marathon - the Giulietta & Romeo Half Marathon - an exciting race of 21 km through the streets of downtown, across the most characteristic sites of Verona. In this well-established competition, there will be also the 'Duo Half Marathon', a relay race open to all in which teams must be composed of engaged couples or friends.

This year, in addition, those who want to promise each other eternal love, can rely on the ideas of 'Verona Newlyweds', a large exhibition area where brides and grooms will find many original proposals to better plan their wedding, hosted at the Verona Arsenal.

Tastings and live concerts will complete the picture of the events in Verona on Valentine's Day 2015 ... Like every year, the city will welcome thousands of couples who want to spend the most romantic weekend of the year in the magic of the city of Verona.

For Verona in Love - Valentine's Day 2015 in Verona, many lovers will be able to live their most important day in a fabulous location ... Some of the most important and famous palaces of Verona, such as Juliet's House, the Guarienti Hall or Notaries Chapel, can in fact be booked as the setting for a truly unforgettable wedding!

If you look for an original gift for Valentine's Day, going and spend a weekend in the city of Romeo and Juliet, forever and always the cradle of love, could be the right solution! The Valentines day of Verona in Love is waiting for you ... As stated in the now famous slogan ... 'If you love someone ... bring them to Verona!


By Insidecom Editorial Staff

By Insidecom Editorial Staff