Verona in Love 2017

If you love someone ... bring him/her to Verona!

From 11 February 2017 to 14 February 2017

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Wondering what to do on Valentine's Day? Verona is the right answer!

According to a well-established tradition, on the festival of St Valentine’s Day Verona offers many ideas to celebrate an unforgettable romantic weekend: Verona in Love 2017 is preparing to conquer the hearts of lovers with a mix of poetry, magic and entertainment… Make a note of these dates: from Saturday 11 to Tuesday 14 February the long and exciting program of Valentine’s Day in Verona is ready to transport you into a reality of dreams!

The long list of events in Verona for Valentine's Day 2017 will allow you to celebrate the most romantic period of the year in such a special and unique way… You could even take part in the famous Giulietta and Romeo- Verona in Love Half Marathon!

Hurry to book your hotel in Verona for Valentine's Day 2017 to soak up the atmosphere of Verona in Love in one of the most fascinating Italian cities.

The special Valentine’s Day in Verona and the Verona In Love festival 2017 will give everyone the chance to experience four magical days in the city that has been the backdrop to one of the most poignant love stories in romantic literature, 'Romeo and Juliet' by William Shakespeare.

During the weekend of Valentine’s Day in Verona decorations and illuminations light up the streets of the old town and the windows of shops to accompany the loving couples through the monuments, the numerous itineraries and events: Valentine's Day in Verona in 2017 is not only dedicated to couples, but also to those who are simply in love with love!

Now in its 13th edition, the famous festival of St Valentine’s Day in Verona will warm up the most charming views of the city: the streets of the historic centre, Juliet's balcony, Piazza dei Signori and the Lamberti Tower, the Old Market Courtyard and many other magical places will make you relive the intense and tragic love story of Romeo and Juliet by involving you in activities and events to suit all tastes! Do not forget that, in addition to the purely romantic events, Verona in Love Festival reserves a place of honour to sport with the Romeo and Juliet Half Marathon, this year taking place on Sunday 12 February!

Verona in Love Festival 2017 program (11-14 February)

  • Piazza dei Signori: tasting and sale of local products, market with gifts and artefacts, dedicated to love! The stalls will be arranged in the classic 'heart shape' immortalized with many photographs taken from the Torre dei Lamberti;
  • lights and decorations created specifically to create a warm and charming atmosphere from Piazza Bra to Juliet’s House;
  • 'Tours in Love', themed guided walks proposed by the associations of tour guides and the province of Verona, the exciting treasure hunt ‘Love Hunting V’, the unmissable show ‘Dancing Souls’, live music and dj set with ‘Live in Love’;
  • 'Marry me in Verona' which provides the opportunity to hold your ceremony in the most famous places of the city such as the Juliet’s House, Tapestry Room, the Guarienti Room and the Chapel of Notaries;
  • during Verona in Love, the Lamberti Tower, the tallest building in the city, will be lit red ... Do not miss the opportunity to climb to the top and enjoy a breathtaking view of Verona and Piazza dei Signori!
  • 'Message from the Heart', a large notice board in Old Market Courtyard where you can leave a message or a dedication of love;
  • 'Seal of love' Verona In Love, a special parchment, sealed with wax, symbolizing a promise of eternal love. The 'Seal of love' must be booked online on the official website of the event.
  • Romeo and Juliet Half Marathon, on Sunday 12th February.
  • 'Show cooking' with excellent chefs and themed dinner in the best restaurants in Verona!

The long Verona romantic weekend of Valentine's Day in Verona will be entirely devoted to love in all its facets. Among the many initiatives are the award ceremony of the Fidas Poetry Competition and the original ‘Verona in Love kids’ that allows students from local elementary school to watch a theatre show.

There is also great expectations for the Romeo and Juliet Half Marathon, now in its 10th edition! The competition aims to surpass the large numbers of 2016 with nearly 9 thousand runners who participated! 21,097 km of adrenaline, fatigue and emotions: the Verona in Love Half Marathon crosses the most typical places of Verona before crossing the finish line in the beautiful Piazza Bra. In addition, this consolidated race runs in conjunction with the 'Duo Half Marathon', a 10 + 11 km relay that is open to all, where the team should be composed of engaged couples or friends.

Live music, themed dinners in the best restaurants of the old town and demonstrations in parts of the city complete the program of Valentine’s Day in Verona for 2017.

If you have never seen Verona, Valentine's Day is the perfect opportunity to admire it in all its glory. Organize and book online your Verona romantic weekend in a Verona hotels, guided tours and lots of original ideas for Valentine's Day: Verona in Love awaits you. 'If you love someone... bring them to Verona!'

By Insidecom Editorial Staff