Verona Marathon 2017

… with Cangrande Half Marathon and Last 10km for a day of sport, fun and solidarity in the city of Romeo and Juliet!

19 November 2017

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On 19 November at 9.00 am, don’t forget to be in front of the Arena: the Verona Marathon 2017 is ready to start!

Now in its 16th edition, the Verona marathon event has always distinguished itself for the perfect combination of organization, competitive spirit and passion for sport. For these reasons, it is included among the most anticipated marathons in Italy.

Be prepared to support the athletes along the entire Verona marathon route and the sports events in Italy connected to it - Cangrande Half Marathon & Verona Last 10Km marathon- and enjoy a day dedicated to sports, entertainment and charity!

Included in the international FIDAL calendar (Italian Federation of Athletics) and IAAF (International Association Athletics Federation), the Verona Italy Marathon 2017 covers the traditional distance of 42.195 kilometres, starting and finishing in front of the magnificent Verona Arena. With regards to the 16 Verona marathon, the route will include the beautiful scenery in the historic centre up to the foot of the Valpolicella hills… The runners will pass the arches of Portoni della Bra and enter on the left side of Corso Porta Nuova to run up to the Monumental door and back to Porta Palio. They will admire Castel Vecchio, the Gavi Arch and the churches of San Lorenzo and the Holy Apostles. Then, the Verona Marathon course 2016 will run through the course to Porta Borsari and leave Verona to get to the City of Negrar. The way back to Verona will be through the riverside. After retracing Corso Cavour to Castelvecchio, up to the holy church dedicated to the 'black bishop', the runners will cross Corso Milano and other fascinating areas of the Verona historic centre to finish the Verona city marathon in Piazza Bra.

Besides the classical Verona marathon route of 42,195 km, the organizers have announced the return of the Cangrande Verona, Half Marathon course and the Verona marathon Last 10km.

  • Given the success of last year, the Cangrande Half Marathon will again take place this year alongside the main race. Launched in 2014, this popular half marathon in Verona, Italy, enables many enthusiasts to take part in the race, competing on a reduced path of 21,097km. The same route (up to 19th km) of the marathon in Verona, as well as the start and finish in the beautiful Piazza Bra, where the Arena is located, the famous Roman amphitheatre built in the first century AD and still in its excellent state of preservation.
    Are you curious to know the origin of the name of this 'small marathon'? Can Francesco della Scala, known as Cangrande, was the most beloved member of the dynasty of Verona. A skilful conqueror, prudent administrator, great politician and generous patron, he was able to quickly consolidate the power of his noble family, but also that of the city of Verona, and soon became a legendary figure and never to be forgotten. It is to this character that the Cangrande Verona Half Marathon course has been dedicated.
  • The short Last 10Km has also been confirmed as one of the sports events in Verona. An excited running event organized for charity that offers the opportunity to engage in a non-competitive run or walk along a path accessible to all. Last 10km Marathon, an important side event of the Verona Marathon, every year involves thousands of participants: professional racers, enthusiasts, young and old, all marching to support important charity projects. Many Non-profit Organizations will be taking part in this event. They will enjoy important attention and at the same time aim to raise funds to finance and promote their charities.

Alongside the Verona City Marathon there will also be other sport events and entertainment throughout the day, such as Verona Marathon Expo, organized in the picturesque square next to the Arena di Verona.

Verona and the race form a very successful bond. In addition to the Verona Marathon event (including the Last 10km and the Cangrande Half Marathon), there are two sporting events we would like to remind you:

  • the Giulietta and Romeo Half Marathon takes place every year in February. It is the second Italian half marathon by number of subscribers, 10,000 in the 2014 edition! The event is scheduled for Sunday, 18 February 2018, during the Verona in Love festival: do not miss this romantic rendezvous with sport!
  • the second event is the Verona Christmas Run, a charity fun run organized in collaboration with the City of Verona. It is a step free and non-competitive race - of 5 or 10 km –that suits the whole family: the important thing is participants should attend dressed as Santa Claus! Taking part in this initiative, you can spend a funny day helping solidarity because most of the proceeds will be donated to charity.

The Verona Marathon in Italy on November 19, 2017 will be a unique event in Verona, confirmed amongst the more established appointments of jogging in Italy!

Book now your stay in Verona and enjoy an exciting weekend of art and sport: the Verona half marathon 2016 and the classical 42.195 km marathon are waiting for you!


16th edition of Verona Marathon

Date: 19 November 2016

Location: historic centre of Verona

By Insidecom Editorial Staff


Period: 19 November 2017

Event location: Verona

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