Verona Summer Theatre 2010

From 22 May 2010 to 28 August 2010

Verona Summer Theatre is one of the most awaited for lists of events in the hot evenings for those who stay behind in cities. Every year this event presents a sophisticated selection of drama, jazz music and dance, offering relief to those who are thirsty for arts. The 2010 edition sees an early start compared to the past years with an opening event in May destined to be added to the list of the most important ones ever presented by the organizers: we are talking about the concert of Michael Bubl, the young crooner who has reinvented swing and introduced it to the younger generations, which will take place at the Verona Arena on May 22nd. The event is part of the Crazy Love Tour that includes all the records of this young but prolific artist. The other venues of the Verona Summer Theatre are traditionally the Roman Theatre and the Old Market Courtyard. After the pop streaked swing of Bubl it will be the turn on June 30th, July 1st and 2nd for the more traditional jazz atmospheres with guests of the glamorous couple formed by Chick Corea and Stefano Bollani. The soul and spirit of this event in Verona will remain the Shakespeare Festival, which will bring on stage the magnificent theatre plays of the famous English poet. From July 8th - dance, drama and theatre performances will take centre stage, with what is considered to all effects, the flagship of the Verona event: the Shakespeare Festival, 46 performances and Choreographies for every enthusiast. La Tempesta, with Giorgio Albertazzi (directed by Daniele Salvo Le Allegre Comari di Windsor, with Leo Gullotta (directed by Fabio Grossi and Il Bugiardo, with Marcello Bartoli, Dario Cantarelli e Roberto Petruzzelli (directed by Paolo Valerio) will be played for their first time in Italy to form a trio of winning aces. The dance part will not be less significant and will stage Bal Folclrico da Bahia (Brazil for the first time in Italy, and Romeo e Giulietta played by the Malandain Ballet Biarritz, this is a worldwide first event. Part of this event is also a further 12 shows with the magic of Momix, the only group capable of creating, with their art, an irresistible world of extraordinary illusions and choreographies.
By Insidecom Editorial Staff


Period: From 22 May 2010 to 28 August 2010

Event location: Arena - Teatro Romano (Verona)

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