Verona Summer Theatre 2019

Poetry, dance and music at the Roman Theatre and at Camploy Theater

From 15 June 2019 to 14 September 2019

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From June 15st to September 14th Estate Teatrale Verona is back on stage! The historical festival of prose, music and dance, now in its 70th edition, will this year again showcase in Verona an eventful list of thrilling performances. At the Roman Theatre, the Verona Shakespeare Festival, Verona Jazz Festival, Rumors – Illazioni Vocali and the great dance of Momix and Nederlands Dans Theater 2. The friendly and more intimate atmosphere of the Old Market Court in Verona, will be in the name of contemporary drama and dance. Be sure not to miss the Estate Teatrale Veronese 2019, an event that continues to enchant thousands of spectators since 1948!

 The Roman Theatre Verona schedule for 2018 boasts a total of 56 nights, 37 at Teatro Romano and 19 in Camploy Theatre, and will be opened this year by 'Rumors – Illazioni Vocali' and Verona Jazz Festival. Both events are part of the wide program of Teatro Romano di Verona concerts 2019.


Rumors – Illazioni Vocali

Now in its 7th edition, the Verona Summer Theatre Festival 2019 will present 5 entertaining evenings, in line with the long-established theme of this event. Dedicated to singing and to cultural vanguards, Rumors places singing as its focal point, portraying it as a source of melody, of meaning, as a musical instrument and a means of communication that evokes the highest spheres of human emotions.

  • James Bay – June 31st at 21.15
  • Carmen Consoli – June 22th at 21.15
  • Tom Walker – June 23th at 21.15
  • Massimo Volume – Giardini di Mirò – June 25th at 21.15
  • Negrita – July 21th at 21.15


Verona Jazz 2019

 The program for Verona Jazz in June 2019, now in its 46th edition, at the Roman Theatre, presents 4 evenings of great emerging artists and protagonists on the international scene:

  • Storyville Story – June 19th at 21.15
  • Two Islands – June 20th at 21.15
  • Enrico Rava – Special edition – June 21th at 21.15


Estate Teatrale Verona 2019 has also planned a series of unmissable summer dance events. The most anticipated one is with Momix, who will present their new show ‘Momix in Alice’ – from 29th July to August 10th, except on August 4th. Susanna Beltrami, Ersiliadanza and Arte3 were also present at the alternative space of the Camploy Theatre.

Here is the program of the Summer Theatre Veronese - Dance:

  • ‘Momix in Alice’ by Moses Pendleton - Compagnia Momix – Roman Theater, July 29 th, 30 th, 31 th and August 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 5 th, 6 th, 7 th, 8 th, 9 th, 10 th
  • ‘Wir Sagen uns Dunkles’ by Marco Goecke, ‘Simple Things’ by Hans Van Manen and ‘Sad Case’ by Sol León & Paul Lightfoot. – Nederlands Dans Theater 2 – Roman Theater, July 11th e 12th
  • ‘Hopera 2’ - GDO Dance Company – choreography by Patrizia Salvatori, Camploy Theater, Settember 7th
  • ‘Callas’ – Ersiliadanza - choreography by Laura Corradi – first national, Camploy Theater, settember 14th e 15th
  • ‘Io sono il bianco del nero’ - Compagnia Susanna Beltrami - choreography by Susanna Beltrami, Camploy Theater, Settember 21th
  • ‘Focus Dancehauspiù’ - Compagnia Susanna Beltrami - choreography by Susanna Beltrami, Camploy Theater, Settember 22th
  • ‘Parole senza età’ - Arte3 - choreography by Marcella Galbusera, Camploy Theater, Settember 28th

Great anticipation also for the Shakespeare Festival in Verona Italy, now in its 71th edition! Staged at the Roman Theatre, Verona Italy Shakespeare Festival 2019 will present three shows:

  • ‘The Tempest’ by William Shakespeare, adaptation and direction by Luca de Fusco, June 28th, 29th at 21.15
  • ‘Romeo & Juliet’ by William Shakespeare, dramaturgy and direction by Leo Muscato – first national, July 17th, 18th, 19th, 20th at 21.15
  • ‘The Merchant of Venice’ by William Shakespeare, adaptation and direction by Giancarlo Marinelli - first national, July 25th, 26th, 27th at 21.15


Besides Shakespeare’s plays, the Verona Italy Shakespeare Festival 2019 programme presents two additional shows:

  • ‘Moby Dick’ by Herman Melville, adaptation by Franco Branciaroli, direction by Luca Lazzareschi – first national, July 4th, 5th, 6th at 21.15
  • ‘Elena’ di Euripide, direction by Davide Livermore, Settember 13th, 14th at 21.

On top of the ones that will take place in the wonderful setting of the Teatro Romano, the Camploy Theater in Verona has been given ample space by the program for poetry:

  • Leo inventa tutto’, Fondazione Aida, text and direction by Matteo Mirandola, Settember 2nd at 21.00
  • ‘Cipì’ by Mario Lodi, Fondazione Aida, direction by Maria Selene Farinelli, Settember 3rd at 21.00
  • ‘Ma perché tutti mi chiamano Frankenstein?’, Fondazione Aida and FEBO Teatro, text and direction by Pino Costalunga, Settember 4th, 5th at 21
  • ‘Il Serpente’, Teatro Scientifico/Teatro Laboratorio, direction by Isabella Caserta and Francesco Laruffa, Settember 10th, 11th, 12th at 21.00
  • ‘A midsummer night’s dream’ by William Shakespeare, ShiftingPoint Circuitoteatro, direction by Roberto Totola , Settember 17th, 18th, 19th at 21.00
  • ‘Padre, Figlio e Spirito Stanco’, Cantieri Invisibili, direction by Francesca Mignemi, Settember 24th, 25th, 26th at 21.00


From June 15st to September 14th do not miss the Verona Summer Theatre Festival 2019! The programme is ready to offer so many new emotions! At the Roman Theatre in Verona, events of Estate Teatrale present dance, Jazz, Illazioni Vocali and Shakespeare Festival in Verona. The shows in Verona Old Market Court, in keeping with the atmosphere of this charming location, will stage prose and contemporary dance.

Book a hotel in Verona, taking in the magical atmosphere of the Verona Summer Theatre 2019! And if you're staying a few days in the beautiful city of Verona take the opportunity to also discover the charming surrounding areas: Lake Garda and Valpolicella with organized excursions!

By Insidecom Editorial Staff


Period: From 15 June 2019 to 14 September 2019

Event location: Roman Theatre and Camploy Theater, Verona

Contacts: information and tickets for Estate Teatrale and Shakespeare Festival Verona at

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