Verona Summer Theatre 2020

Poetry, dance and music at the Roman Theatre, the Cloister of Santa Eufemia Church and Forte Gisella

From 18 July 2020 to 21 September 2020

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From July 18th to September 21st Estate Teatrale Verona is back on stage with an all-new list of events that is set to bring back to life the Scaliger city after the monthslong lockdown period!

Alongside the traditional Shakespeare Festival in Verona, Italy, there will also be discussions on current affairs, pop, folk, indie and jazz concerts and performances by solo dancers. All this will take place in compliance with the safety measures adopted to deal with the Covid-19 emergency measures. Indeed, shows have been adapted and spectators will be positioned with social distancing being adhered to. There will be 310 places available for each evening with separated and staggered points of entry and exit and with facial masks mandatory. It will be a very special Verona Shakespeare Festival full of surprises…Be sure not to miss the Estate Teatrale Veronese 2020, an event that continues to enchant thousands of spectators since 1948!

The dense calendar of Verona Summer Theatre Festival 2020, featuring a series of 25 evening events, this year will be premiered by Claudio Bisio with a project created together with Gigio Alberti and based on Federico Baccomo’s book titled 'Ma tu sei felice?', written during the lockdown period as a format halfway between a theatrical reading and a web series.


Rumors – Illazioni Vocali

Now in its 8th edition, the Verona Summer Theatre Festival 2020 will present 3 entertaining evenings, in line with the long-established theme of this event. Dedicated to singing and to cultural vanguards, Rumors places singing as its focal point, portraying it as a source of melody, of meaning, as a musical instrument and a means of communication that evokes the highest spheres of human emotions.

  • RAPHAEL GUALAZZI – 4 September, 21.00

  • VASCO BRONDI - Talismani per tempi incerti – 5 September, 21.00

  • VINICIO CAPOSSELA - Pandemonium – 7 September, 21.00


Verona Jazz 2020

The program for Verona Jazz in June 2020, now in its 47th edition, at the Roman Theatre, presents 3 evenings of great emerging artists and protagonists on the international scene:

  • MAURO OTTOLINI & VANESSA TAGLIABUE YORKE - Swing Sing1 September, 21.00

  • PAOLO FRESU - Tempo di Chet – 2 September, 21.00

  • ENRICO PIERANUNZI TRIO - Fellini Jazz – Omaggio a Federico Fellini – 6 September, 21.00


Estate Teatrale Verona 2020 has also planned a series of unmissable summer dance events, which will bring on stage 'IL CORPO DISTILLATO'. With music and space, this show will highlight the limits that social distancing imposes, forcing the dancer to share the experience of stage loneliness with the spectators. A program of solos performances that brings together a group of female Italian artists gifted with the capacity of presenting themselves on stage for what they truly are, in a sort of open-hearted diary to be shown to the public.

Here is the program of the Summer Theatre Veronese - Dance:

Teatro Romano

  • Ersiliadanza - ANDRÀ TUTTO BENE8 September, 21.00

  • Camilla Monga - DIRE | HABITUS 9 September, 21.00

  • Chiara Frigo – HIMALAYA DRUMMING / Silvia Gribaudi – R.OSA – 10 September, 21.00

  • Cristiana Morganti - MOVING WITH PINA19 September, 2.00


Cloister of Santa Eufemia Church, Verona

  • Compagnia Iuvenis Danza Fòov Dance Company – PADDOCK – 29 July, 21.00

  • Diversamente in danza - PUNTI DI SINGOLARITA’ / Arte 3 _ D SHARING – 30 July, 21.00

Elisa Cipriani | Luca Condello - GIULIETTA E ROMEO / ANIME DANZANTI – 1 August, 21.00


Great anticipation also for the Shakespeare Festival in Verona Italy, now in its 72nd edition!

  • MA TU SEI FELICE? - Claudio Bisio | Gigio Alberti - 18 July, 21.00

  • FEDRA - Isabella Ferrari - 24 July, 21.00

  • STAND UP SHAKESPEARE - Paolo Rossi - 31 July, 21.00

  • ROMEO E GIULIETTA - Ugo Pagliai | Paola Gassman | Babilonia Teatri - 11 September, 21.00

  • FUGA A TRE VOCI - Alessio Boni | Michela Cescon | Marco Tullio Giordana - 12 September, 21.00

  • LA STORIA DI RE LEAR - Vanessa Scalera - 15 September, 21.00

  • L’AMORE SEGRETO DI OFELIA - Chiara Francini | Andrea Argentieri - 16 September, 21.00

  • MACBETH SOLO - Sergio Rubini - 17 September, 21.00


Cloister of Santa Eufemia Church, Verona

  • POETRY DEATH MATCH - Teatro Stabile del Veneto | Giorgio Sangati - 22 and 23 July, 21.00


From June 18th to September 21st do not miss the Verona Summer Theatre Festival 2020! The programme is ready to offer so many new emotions! Al Teatro Romano e presso il Chiostro di Santa Eufemia danza, Jazz, Illazioni Vocali e Festival Shakespeariano…

Taking in the magical atmosphere of the Verona Summer Theatre 2020! And if you're staying a few days in the beautiful city of Verona take the opportunity to also discover the charming surrounding areas: Lake Garda and Valpolicella with organized excursions!


By Insidecom Editorial Staff


Period: From 18 July 2020 to 21 September 2020

Event location: Roman Theatre, Cloister of Santa Eufemia Church and Forte Gisella

Contacts: information and tickets for Estate Teatrale and Shakespeare Festival Verona at

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