'Quattro Veronese venuti da lontano. Le Allegorie ritrovate' at the Palladio Museum

the famous allegories of Paolo Veronese in Vicenza

From 05 July 2014 to 05 October 2014


After the extraordinary success of the second stage of 'Towards Monet', exhibitions in Vicenza in 2014 continue to provide big events: 'Quattro Veronese venuti da lontano. Le Allegorie ritrovate' will present to the world one of the finest allegorical cycles of Paolo Veronese, recently brought back together thanks to the extraordinary recovery of two missing paintings.

Attributed a few months ago to Paolo Veronese, the 'allegorie ritrovate' will be exhibited at the Palladio Museum Vicenza - from July 5 to October 5, 2014 - along with the other two paintings that made up the original cycle, now owned by the Los Angeles County Museum of Art .

The Paolo Veronese Vicenza exhibition is part of the numerous Paolo Veronese exhibitions 2014 planned for 'Discover the Veneto of Veronese', an interesting project to get to know and come in contact with this great Italian Renaissance artist through 5 exhibitions - Verona, Vicenza, Padua, Castelfranco Veneto, Bassano del Grappa - and a fascinating journey around Veneto.

Until now, documented in its entirety only by modest copies - including those at the Musée des Beaux-Arts in Chartres, the cycle includes four beautiful paintings by Paolo Veronese originally exposed in a Venetian palace and lost centuries ago. Two paintings emerged on the antique market in 1974 and were purchased by the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, the last two have recently been discovered in Italy in a villa on Lake Maggiore: now the cycle, finally back together, will be presented to the public at the exhibition in Vicenza 'Quattro Veronese venuti da lontano. Le Allegorie ritrovate'.

The latest finding occurred thanks to a young student who was working on a thesis about the collection of Villa San Remigio in Verbania Pallanza. The building kept two beautiful paintings called 'Veronese' which on analysis by a team of experts, have been attributed to the early work of Paolo Veronese and not to his workshop.

Following the extraordinary discovery, the Los Angeles museum has loaned its paintings so they could be displayed in the exhibition at the Palladio Museum Vicenza next to the two 'new' allegories, returned to their original colour brilliance after the recent restoration.

The four masterpieces of Paolo Veronese's exhibition in Vicenza Italy depict only allegorical figures: three wise men with instruments for the measurement of the earth and the sky, and a woman called the Allegory of Sculpture. The masterpieces were executed around 1553, a crucial period in the formation of young Veronese, who had only just come in touch with Daniele Barbaro and Andrea Palladio. In the following years, Paolo Veronese completed them in the Villa Barbaro of Maser, considered one of the most beautiful Venetian villas of the 1500s.

The Paolo Veronese exhibition Vicenza also offer visitors a look at the collection of Villa San Remigio, which tries to reconstruct the collecting history of the two paintings found on Lake Maggiore. The villa was built in the late 19th century on the occasion of the marriage of the Marquis Silvio della Valle di Casanova and an artist of Irish descent, Sophie Browne. The two were able to give life to an extraordinary collection of art, surrounding it with a series of romantic gardens overlooking Lake Maggiore, which attracted personalities such as Umberto Boccioni and Bernard Berenson. Besides the masterpieces of Paolo Veronese, the Vicenza Palladio Museum will offer two paintings by Umberto Boccioni, painted during his stay in Villa San Remigio, images and historical documents.

The decision to organize an exhibition of Paolo Veronese in Vicenza at the Palladio Museum crowns a project that had long been shaped in the mind of the curator of the museum: Paolo Veronese and Palladio were in fact bound by a close friendship and mutual respect from which profitable collaborations developed, such as the beautiful architecture painted in the Villa Barbaro, Maser.

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By Insidecom Editorial Staff