Flow 1, Italian and Chinese Art in dialogue

At Basilica Palladiana in Vicenza, a contemporary art exhibition suspended between Italy and China

From 19 September 2015 to 01 November 2015


Among the Vicenza exhibitions in 2015 we want to tell you about 'Flow 1 in Vicenza - Contemporary art exhibitions in Italy: Italian and Chinese Art in dialogue'. This extraordinary event in Vicenza at the Basilica Palladiana in Vicenza, will be open to the public from 19 September to 1 November 2015, and exhibit the works of 25 Italian and Chinese artists, exhibiting their most poetic paintings, drawings, designs, installations and videos to create an imaginary bridge between two different cultures: Western and Chinese.
Vicenza Exhibitions 2015 is proud to present this unique event in Vicenza, Italy, a meeting between two distant countries, even from the anthropological point of view, where art can be an opportunity for dialogue, understanding and mutual growth.

Maria Yvonne Pugliese and Peng Feng, curators of the exhibition in Vicenza in 2015 'Flow 1 Vicenza', wanted to give priority to the work of art in itself rather than its free interpretation and, in this spirit, visitors can admire the exhibit in three different reading keys. The first interpretation is from the gaze of the viewer which, thanks to their personal baggage of experiences, memories and points of view, will establish a direct and truthful contact with the work, free from established constraints, language barriers or other interference. The second interpretation is the look of each author of the works on display in this extraordinary exhibition at the Basilica Palladian in Vicenza; all the artists in fact, have been invited to explain, through an interesting contribution, the physical and mental reasons that led them to create their works. The third and final key to understanding 'Flow 1 in Vicenza', one of the most unique exhibitions in Vicenza in 2015, aims to explore important issues such as the relationship between tradition and innovation, the role the artist plays in today's society and the relationship between art and contemporary communication.

We think it is worth saying a few words to explain the curious title of this Basilica Palladiana exhibition. 'Flow', has to be interpreted as the constant flow of human thought, while the number one indicates the first of other future editions. Whereas the subtitle Italian and Chinese Art in dialogue uses art as a means of dialogue between the cultures of the two countries, neighbours for economic reasons but still far from the point of view of the cultural and historical knowledge, a distance that often leads to serious misunderstandings and consequent rises of unnecessary barriers.

The history of China is distinctly different from that of the West: for this Maria Yvonne and Peng Feng thought, with the realization of this exhibition in the Basilica Palladiana of Vicenza, to give life to a project that meets two different realities, which adjoins as a platform for cultural workshops and constructive exchange of experience. And who better than the artist could be the protagonist of this wonderful initiative?

Let us therefore talk about some of the 25 authors present at Flow 1 in Vicenza, one of the most anticipated exhibitions in Vicenza 2015. Representing China there will be Aisa Jiang Tuerxun, Hu Guoqing, Zhao Xu, Peng Si, Eysajan Tursun, Huang Yang, Mu Boyan, Wang Rui, Li Hongbo, Zhang Fangbai while for Italy the following will exhibit their works in 'Flow 1 in Vicenza' in the Basilica Palladiana exhibition, Massimo Kaufmann, Stefano Arienti, Cristina Treppo, Bianco-Valente, Dany Vescovi, Alberto Scodro, Tamara Repetto, Serse Roma, Pietro Gilardi, Marcantonio Lunardi, Laurina Paperina, Stefano Cagol, Patrick Tuttofuoco, Iler Meliolio and Elena Pugliese.  

Many of these popular artists had participated, in 2014, in the first International Biennial of Xinjiang entitled 'Meeting on the Silk Road', curated by Peng Feng, in which Maria Yvonne Pugliese had the important task of selecting the Italian authors.

A touch of magic to this fascinating exhibition of contemporary art, is certainly given by the picturesque location in which it takes place: in the splendid Basilica Palladiana in Vicenza, exhibits take a really lovely atmosphere, that can make any event a unique experience.

The Basilica of Vicenza is a historic public building dating back to the 15th century in the central Piazza dei Signori, initially called Palazzo della Ragione. Following a collapse, fortunately only partial, in 1546 the restoration project of the local architect Andrea Palladio was approved, who added to the existing Gothic building the famous serliana lodges in pale marble, typical of the Renaissance style. Since then the building became known as the Palladian Basilica and for many years was the headquarters of the public magistrates of the city. Today, it not only boasts major art exhibitions  and architecture but has become, along with other works by Palladio, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and, in 2014, a National Monument.

'Flow 1 in Vicenza', included in the calendar of art exhibitions in Vicenza 2015, will be preceded by the inauguration and FlowTalk - reserved for curators, artists and Italian and Chinese philosophers - scheduled for 17 September at 3.30pm. Anyone interested in the discussion will be able to view the recording directly inside the exhibition as it is included in the exhibition.  

From 19 September to 1 November 2015, do not miss 'Flow 1' in Vicenza: the Basilica Palladiana exhibition awaits you! By booking one of our fantastic hotels in the old town, you can admire the Teatro Olimpico, Palazzo Chiericati, the Basilica of Monte Berico and many other historic and fascinating sites.

Basilica Palladiana Vicenza -presents Vicenza exhibitions 2015:   FLOW_1 in Vicenza: Italian and Chinese Art in dialogue

LOCATION: Basilica Palladiana, Vicenza, Piazza dei Signori  

DATES: from 19 September to 1 November 2015

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Period: From 19 September 2015 to 01 November 2015

Event location: Vicenza

Contacts: Flow, exhibition at the Palladian Basilica in Vicenza tickets and information: www.mariayvonnepugliese.it

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