Vicenza Jazz Festival 2017

Jazz music is back in the city of Palladio!

From 12 May 2017 to 21 May 2017

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Finally it is time for one of the most anticipated Vicenza events: New Conversations Vicenza Jazz Festival 2017! From 12th to 21st May great masters of jazz music will perform a variety of concerts in Vicenza, Italy in the centre of the Palladio city creating a Vicenza Jazz Festival in 2017 where art, colours and sounds combine together perfectly!

Since the first edition of the Jazz Festival in Vicenza in 1996, 'New Conversations - Vicenza Jazz' has collected enthusiastic acclaim for the originality of the project that has created a syncretic meeting point between jazz - historically recognised for its strong innovative impact - and the most classic places of Palladio’s city, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

New Conversation Vicenza Jazz Festival has now become one of the most important Vicenza events. In 2017, for nine days, the Olympic Theatre (the oldest covered theatre in the world, built in 1585), the City Theatre, churches, historic buildings, theatres, auditoriums but also charming outdoor venues such as Piazza dei Signori will all host Vicenza events and Vicenza concerts to offer artistic expressions as a means of social, musical and personal emancipation, a symbol of creative and civil freedom. The 22nd edition of the Jazz Festival in Vicenza entitled ‘To Be or Not To Play' in honour of Dizzy Gillespie’s autobiography and the historic legacy of bop, aims to present jazz through its great contemporary protagonists. Screenings, presentations, exhibitions and conferences will create the background for the many concerts in Vicenza, Italy, which will be performed in a variety of venues in Vicenza including bars, restaurants, museums and bookshops!

Here are the most important jazz Vicenza events in Italy:

  • 12.05.17 - 9.00 pm Opening Act at the Olympic Theatre - Uri Caine Solo and Dave Douglas Quintet. Uri Caine Solo is considered one of the most versatile jazz players in the world: a sophisticated pianist who will offer a repertoire of direct jazz music. He gained great fame thanks to his fervent imagination as composer and inspirer of projects and music groups. The opening evening of the jazz festival in Vicenza will then showcase Dave Douglas – an eclectic musician who experiments with jazz, klezmer and electronics - and his quintet, formed in 2012 and giving proof right from the first moment of his close ties with the deep language of post-bop jazz.
    The New Conversations Vicenza jazz festival also includes Poetry events in Vicenza: at 6.00 pm 'Due voci al femminile' will take centre stage at the Galleries of Palazzo Leoni Montanari.
  • 13.05.17 - 9.00 pm Piazza dei Signori will showcase a great event dedicated to Italian folk music. The famous Folk Orchestra 'La Notte della Taranta' will come to Vicenza to bring all the energy of the Salento festival into the heart of the Palladio city. Wild-looking ballet dancers and performers, frantic rhythms with singers and musicians engaged in a celebration of dance... La Notte della Taranta has now become one of the most important Italian festivals thanks to its unique combination of pizzica – the traditional Salento folk dance - with other musical expressions.
  • 13.05.17 - 6.00 pm - Palladio Basilica - Marc Ribot will bring his unpredictability to Vicenza New Conversations! Known for his original exhibitions which never cease to surprise and move the audience, Marc Ribot’s performances captivate each listener from the first moment right through to the end with a talented combination of sound memories and improvised jazz.
    9.00 pm Black Art Jazz Collective at Vicenza's City Theatre. Black Art Jazz Collective have chosen a very original way to express their stance on the issue of African American identity... Their choice is based solely on music as a celebration of black culture with a positive approach that leaves no space for contrasts or recriminations that are all too common in society.
  • 15.05.17 21.00 Chris Potter Quartet at Vicenza's City Theatre. A faultless player, Chris Potter combines a strong presence with his refined style and technique... He has channelled the art of sax into new expressive forms, interpreting modern post-bepop like no one before him.
  • 16.05.17 - 9.00 pm at the Olympic Theatre - Gonzalo Rubalcaba Solo. A great pianist able to combine the Latin and Afro universe, interpreting their most rhythmic aspects and lyrical atmospheres. His technique boasts a virtuosity never perceived as invasive with a refinement that are envied even by great classical pianists. Rubalcaba's performance at the Olympic Theatre - one of the most anticipated jazz concerts in Vicenza in 2017 - will be filmed for his first solo dvd.
  • 17.05.17 at 9.00 pm the stage of the Vicenza City Theatre will showcase the highly acclaimed jazz singer Dee Dee Bridgewater. At New Conversations in Vicenza, Bridgewater will present 'Memphis', a tribute to her hometown that represents another hotspot for black music after New Orleans, the city the singer celebrated in 2015.
  • 18.05.17 - 9.00 pm: a great evening at the Olympic Theatre with Enrico Rava & Geri Allen and Stefano Benni & Umberto Petrin’ who will present 'Misterioso'. Enrico Rava is accustomed to venturing into new musical forays: the one with pianist Geri Allen has only just started, despite their many casual encounters in the past, which always ended with both artists promising to work together one day... Finally this has become reality! As for the second Vicenza live music concert, Stefano Benni and Umberto Petrin will showcase an original performance halfway between a music sheet and a theatrical script: the friendly ghost presence of Thelonious Monk is interpreted, reinvented and ignited starting from the blues filled with charm and anomalies that is the justification for the title of the show: 'Mysterious'.
  • 19.05.17 - 8.00 pm at Palazzo Chiericati - Luca Aquino Quintet. Aquino's performance at the Vicenza jazz festival 2017 will present the great adventure planned for next summer: the 'Jazz Bike Tour', a fascinating tour with cycle stages from Benevento to Oslo (4,000 km).
    9.00 pm at Vicenza‘s City Theatre- Quincy Jones Presents Jacob Collier. At a young age of twenty-two, Jacob Collier belongs to the YouTube generation: in 2011 he started uploading his videos, entirely self-recorded. Quincy Jones noticed him and took him under his wing. In his live performances, Jacob Collier replicates his work as a home video-maker thanks to an innovative project funded by the IMT (Boston's Massachusetts Institute of Technology).
    11.59 pm at the Cimitero Maggiore- Enrico Intra, Gavino Murgia, Pietro Pirelli present 'Suonare il Suono'. One year after the departure of Pinuccio Sciola, the Jazz Festival in Vicenza wants to remember the sculptor who was a student of Minguzzi, Kokoschka and Vedova with a truly unique event! Sciola’s stones - famous as they produce sounds of ancestral beauty when bashed, stroked or touched - will be brought to Vicenza and entrusted to the hands of Pietro Pirelli, who for years has been exploring their magical acoustic properties. Together with Pietro Pirelli, Enrico Intra and Gavino Murgia will be improvising taking inspiration from the sounds produced by the stones, which resemble glass or metal, wooden tools and even the human voice.
  • 20 and 21.05.17 - 9.00 pm at the Olympic Theatre Danilo Rea & Gino Paoli. Gino Paolo and jazz are now linked by a profound relationship... it suffices to say that the collaboration with Danilo Rea started over ten years ago. Their expressive style (duet voice and piano) is capable of enhancing the performing talents of both musicians.

Vicenza Italy events and Jazz music concerts in Vicenza are included in the wide cultural program sponsored by the City of Vicenza, Department of Development, and the Foundation Teatro Comunale Città di Vicenza, in co-production with Trivellato Mercedes Benz and in collaboration with the Bar Borsa. The artistic direction of Vicenza Jazz 2017 - New Conversations is again headed by Riccardo Brazzale. In addition to the full schedule of concerts, events Vicenza Jazz include art exhibitions, Vicenza events, workshops and film and video reviews that involve the entire city for the entire duration of the event.

This 22nd edition of the Vicenza Jazz Festival should not to be missed! Take advantage of the full program of the event to organize a few days in Vicenza: book your hotel in Vicenza and discover the beautiful city of Palladio!

By Insidecom Editorial Staff