Vicenza Jazz Festival 2018

Jazz music is back in the city of Palladio!

From 10 May 2018 to 20 May 2018

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From May 10th to 20th 2018 New Conversations Jazz Festival will return to Vicenza! Great masters of jazz music performing a variety of concerts in the center of the Palladio city creating a jazz festival where art, colors and sounds combine together perfectly!

Since the first edition of the Jazz Festival in Vicenza in 1996, 'New Conversations - Vicenza Jazz' has collected enthusiastic acclaim for the originality of the project that has been created at syncretic meeting point between jazz - historically recognized for its strong innovative impact - and the most classic places of Palladio's city, at UNESCO World Heritage Site.

New Conversation Festival has now become one of the most important events in Vicenza. And once again in 2018 Teatro Olimpico, Teatro Comunale, other theatres and venues in the historic center as well as other evocative outdoor locations such as Piazza dei Signori and Cimitero Maggiore will be hosting concerts and jazz events: the 23rd edition of the Jazz Festival of Vicenza, entitled 'The Birth of Youth' wants to pay homage to the year 1968, a historical year for civil rights, when the youth revolts and the desire for change revolutionized many aspects of society and popular beliefs. The 2018 Jazz Festival wants to celebrate this date through two parallel paths: one dedicated to those who were young at the end of the 60s - presenting the key figures of the historical youth revolution in jazz - and to the young people of today, proposing contemporary artists. Screenings, presentations, exhibitions and conferences will surround all the live music in Vicenza, which will also be showcased in bars, restaurants, museums and bookshops!

Here are the most important jazz concerts in Vicenza:

  • 10.05.18 at 9.00 pm, Auditorium Fonato di Thiene - Camille Bertault Trio
    Camille Bertault (vocals), Fady Farah (piano), Christophe Minck (bass)
    The prologue of the 23rd Vicenza Jazz festival 2018 is entrusted to Camille Bertault, who became famous for her extraordinary ability to interpret the most complicated solos in the history of jazz, starting from John Coltrane's Giant Steps.
  • 11.05.18
    at 9.00 pm, Teatro Olimpico - The Sun Ra Mythic Dream Arkestra
    Marshall Allen (conductor and solo sax)
    Under the direction of the almost ninety-four year old Marshall Allen, an unforgettable, visionary and unconventional show will take place in which musicians and dancers, all dressed in colorful Afro-futurist dresses, will create a musical journey starting from the 1920s tradition of Fletcher Henderson and leading up to the cosmopolitan free jazz of the roaring 60s.
    at 10.00 pm, Jazz Cafè Trivellato Bar Borsa - Camille Bertault Trio
    Camille Bertault (vocals), Fady Farah (piano), Christophe Minck (bass)
  • 12.05.18
    at 6.00 pm, Teatro Olimpico - The Sun Ra Mythic Dream Arkestra
    Marshall Allen (conductor and solo sax)
    at 9.00 pm, Piazza dei Signori - Odwalla & Saturnian Visitors and Thomas De Pourquery & Supersonic
    Many artists, including the two mentioned above, will host one of the most anticipated jazz concerts in Vicenza: a great party dedicated to music and sharing, recalling the historic outdoor gatherings of fifty years ago.
  • 13.05.18 at 9.00 pm, Teatro Olimpico - Joe Lovano & Dave Douglas Quintet 'Sound Prints'
    Joe Lovano (saxophone), Dave Douglas (trumpet), Lawrence Fields (piano), Linda Oh (bass), Joey Baron (drums)
    A quintet with knowledge and interpretation of traditions, but without refusing to explore new horizons. An event of the Vicenza Jazz program for 2018 dedicated to cultured admirers and those who love international jazz!
  • 14.05.18 at 9.00 pm, Teatro Olimpico - Orchestra of the Teatro Olimpico dir. Alexander Lonquich
    The great Orchestra of the Teatro Olimpico, directed by pianist Alexander Lonquich, will propose music taken from a classical repertoire strongly inspired by jazz: starting from Kurt Weill's Opera da Tre Soldi to Darius Milhaud's La Création du Monde, passing through Morton Gould and his Derivations for Solo Clarinet and Dance Band, to the famous Ebony Concerto that Stravinskj wrote for the Woody Herman orchestra.
  • 15.05.18 at 9.00 pm, Teatro Olimpico
    Dado Moroni & Darryl Hall Duo
    Dado Moroni (piano), Darryl Hall (bass)
    Enrico Pieranunzi Quartet feat. Seamus Blake
    Enrico Pieranunzi (piano), Seamus Blake (saxophone), Luca Bulgarelli (bass), Jorge Rossy (drums)
    The Vicenza Jazz Festival will dedicate an evening to two of the most famous Italian pianists on stage in New York jazz clubs. The stage of the Teatro Olimpico will see two figures take turns in performing: Dado Moroni who will pay homage to Jymmy Blanton on the centenary of his birth (the first great double bass soloist in the history of jazz, in his duets with Duke Ellington on piano) together with bassist Darryl Hall; Enrico Pieranunzi, nicknamed the Italian Bill Evans, will play in quartet with saxophonist Seamus Blake, double bass player Luca Bulgarelli and historical drummer Art of Trio of Mehldau, Jor ge Rossy.
  • 16.05.18 at 9.00 pm, Teatro Comunale (Ridotto)
    Raul Midon solo

    Raul Midon (guitar)
    Giovanni Guidi 'Salida' feat David Virelles
    Giovanni Guidi (piano), David Virelles (keyboards), Dezron Douglas (bass), Gerald Cleaver (drums)
    The seventh evening of Vicenza Jazz Festival 2018 will open with the unprecedented mix of pop and latin jazz vocals by Raul Midon, guitarist, singer-songwriter and vocal Mexican singer born in 1968, famous in the United States for appearing on the David Letterman Show and the endorsement received from Herbie Hancock; after him, the show will dedicate some time to new jazz paths with the quartet Salida (two young keyboard-pianists, Giovanni Guidi and David Virelles, bassist Dezron Douglas and drummer Gerald Cleaver).
  • 17.05.18 at 9.00 pm, Teatro Comunale (Ridotto)
    Aarset-Petrella-Rabbia Trio
    Gianluca Petrella (trombone and electronics), Eivind Aarset (guitar and electronics), Michele Rabbia (drums and percussion)
    Ralph Alessi Quintet feat. Ravi Coltrane
    Ralph Alessi (trumpet), Ravi Coltrane (tenor saxophone), Andy Milne (piano), John Hébert (bass), Mark Ferber (drums)
    These are two bands that know how to interpret old and new avant-garde jazz: the trio composed by the Scandinavian guitarist Elvind Aarset, percussionist Michele Rabbia and trombonist Gianluca Petrella and quintet captain from trumpeter Ralph Alessi who boasts a saxophonist son of art with a surname of exception, Ravi Coltrane.
  • 18.05.18 
    at 9.00 pm, Teatro Comunale (in Sala maggiore) - Manhattan Transfer
    For the first time the historic vocal group founded in 1969 by Tim Hauser and Lauren Massé will attend the Jazz Festival in Vicenza. Ten Grammy awards, millions of records sold worldwide and an almost 50 year-long career: the Manhattan are a pillar of boundless music, with an exceptional versatility combining pop, jazz, rhythm and blues, rock and roll, swing, classical tradition and a cappella vocality. Vocalese, their album released in 1985, marked the beginning of their journey through in jazz.
    at midnight, Cimitero Maggiore - Gavino Murgia & Cantar Lontano
    Gavino Murgia and the vocal group Cantar Lontano will reinterpret the poetics of Officium Divino, who were in Vicenza many years ago along with Jan Garbarek and the HilliardEnsemble.
  • 19.05.18
    at 9.00 pm, Municipal Theater (Ridotto)
    Tigran Hamasyan solo
    Tigran Hamasyan (piano)
    Randy Weston & Billy Harper duo
    Randy Weston (piano), Billy Harper (tenor saxophone)
    The young Armenian pianist and composer Tigran Hamasyan will have the honor of opening one of the most acclaimed concerts of Vicenza in Jazz! The evening will then continue with another gem in the Vicenza Jazz calendar 2018, the pianist Randy Weston in a duet with the saxophonist Billy Harper: Jamaican-born New Yorker, 92, Weston is a true jazz legend!
    at midnight, concert at the disco - Trondheim Jazz Orchestra
  • 20.05.18 at 9.00 pm, Olympic Theater - Poetry Vicenza Jam Zavalloni-Tonolo-Birro Trio "Boris Vian, the syncopated poet"
    Cristina Zavalloni (voice), Pietro Tonolo (saxophone), Paolo Birro ( piano)
    A great evening full of events at Vicenza Jazz: a poetic reading at several voices (Baraldi, Cardiopoetica, Dalembert, Ferrari, Hajdari, Johnstone, Kwakman, Silva, Skinner, Solotruk, Stefoski, Tengour); 'Boris Vian: the syncopated poet. A show of music and poetry’ is an artistic project by Giulio Vannini on the French poet, a friend of jazz, accompanied by the singer Cristina Zavalloni, saxophonist Pietro Tonolo and pianist Paolo Birro.

Vicenza events in Italy and jazz music concerts are included in the wide cultural program sponsored by the City of Vicenza, Department of Development, and the Foundation Teatro Comunale Città di Vicenza, in co-production with Trivellato Mercedes Benz and in collaboration with the Bar Borsa. The artistic direction of Vicenza Jazz 2018 - New Conversations is again headed by Riccardo Brazzale. Vicenza Jazz includes art exhibitions, workshops and film reviews that will involve the entire city of the event.

Don’t miss the Vicenza Jazz 2018 Festival! Take advantage of its full program to arrange a few days in the city of Palladio: book your hotel in Vicenza and discover this beautiful city!

By Insidecom Editorial Staff