Vicenza Jazz Festival 2019

Jazz music is back in the city of Palladio!

From 09 May 2019 to 19 May 2019

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From 9 to 19 May, 2019 New Conversations Jazz Festival will return to Vicenza! Great masters of jazz music performing a variety of concerts in the center of the Palladio city creating a jazz festival where art, colors and sounds combine together perfectly!

Since the first edition of the Jazz Festival in Vicenza in 1996, 'New Conversations - Vicenza Jazz' has collected enthusiastic acclaim for the originality of the project that has been created at syncretic meeting point between jazz - historically recognized for its strong innovative impact - and the most classic places of Palladio's city, at UNESCO World Heritage Site.

New Conversation Festival has now become one of the most important events in Vicenza. And once again in 2019 Teatro Olimpico, Teatro Comunale, other theatres, venues, old palaces and museums in the historic center as well as evocative outdoor locations such as Piazza dei Signori and Cimitero Maggiore will be hosting concerts and jazz events. The title of the 24th edition of Vicenza Jazz Festival expresses the desire to show the public the great and unexpected achievements of jazz music: "Beyond the Pillars of Hercules, in search of a new moon". The program of this long-awaited edition will therefore be a Guinness World Records one, with over 150 events, the presence of great names of the jazz scene and above all music throughout the day until the early hours! Screenings, presentations, exhibitions and conferences will surround all the live music in Vicenza, which will also be showcased in bars, restaurants, museums and bookshops!

Here are the most important jazz concerts in Vicenza:

09.05.19 - ore 21.00, Auditorium Fonato in Thiene - Claudio Fasoli Ensemble ‘Inner Sounds’
Claudio Fasoli (tenor and soprano sax), Gianluca Carollo (trumpet, flugelhorn), Michele Calgaro (electric guitar), Michelangelo Decorato (piano), Andrea Lamacchia (double bass), Gianni Bertoncini (drums, electronics), Marco Zanoli (drums).

The prologue of the 24th Vicenza Jazz festival is entrusted to Claudio Fasoli, whose compositions dealing with the theme of acceptance or divine denial, will be performed by the seven musicians of the "Inner Sounds".


10.05.19 - ore 21.00, Vicenza Teatro Comunale Vicenza- Chucho Valdés – Jazz Batá

Chucho Valdés (piano), Dreiser Durruthy (batá), Ramon Vazquez (bass), Yaroldy Abreu (drums).

The Cuban pianist, who revolutionized the way of "doing jazz" in the ‘70s, brings to the stage the second recording episode of his Jazz Batá.


11.05.19 - ore 21.00, Piazza dei Signori - Roy Paci & Aretuska

The 24th edition of New Conversations in Vicenza sees the return of "Paci & Aretuska", an Italian band with a strong penchant for a melting pot of music genres: a blend of swing, rock, ska and Caribbean rhythms, without forgetting the rich Sicilian tradition.


12.05.19 - ore 21.00, Teatro Olimpico - Uri Caine Trio ‘Calibrated Thicknes’

Uri Caine (piano), Mark Elias (bass), Clarence Penn (drums).

This year the Vicenza Jazz - program 2019 will see Uri Caine leading the trio ‘Calibrated Thicknes’ with his jazz propulsion firmly anchored to the post-bop tradition but characterized by a strong rhythmic momentum and a modern sound basis.


13.05.19 - ore 21.00, Vicenza Teatro Comunale Vicenza - Peter Erskine & The Dr. Um Band ‘On Call’

Peter Erskine (drums), John Beasley (piano, keyboards), Bob Sheppard (sax), Damian Erskine (bass).

The Dr. Um Band marks a clear return to fusion and R&B sounds and the rhythmic beats that brought Erskine such fame as to be considered an icon of jazz.


14.05.19 - ore 21.00, Teatro Olimpico – Paolo Fresu ‘A solo’

Paolo Fresu (trumpet, electronics).

Paolo Fresu brings to the stage of the Vicenza Jazz Festival a unique combination of live music with pre-recorded sounds of mutes and trumpets and the aid of plays of light that guides the listener on a journey through history and geographies.


15.05.19 - ore 21.00, Vicenza Teatro Comunale – Mauro Ottolini & Fabrizio Bosso ‘Storyville Story’

Mauro Ottolini (trombone), Fabrizio Bosso (trumpet), Vanessa Tagliabue Yorke (vocals), Glauco Benedetti (sax), Paolo Birro (piano), Paolo Mappa (drums).

Mauro Ottolini and Fabrizio Bosso, two of the most important brass artists of jazz in Italy, finally come to share a project to musicalize a small and meticulous portrait of the New Orleans of the early twentieth century.

The band includes the refined and eclectic presence of the pianist Paolo Birro, performing in several of this year’s concerts in Vicenza, Italy (both with the Lydian Sound Orchestra and with Pietro Tonolo’s quintet).


16.05.19 - ore 21.00, Teatro Olimpico – Sahi Maestro Trio + Ambrose Akinmusire & Davis Virelles

Shai Maestro (piano), Jorge Roeder (double bass), Ofri Nehemya (drums).

Sahi Maestro is the true expression of the New Conversations Vicenza Jazz Festival: through an exuberant vein of improvisation, he brings together jazz, classical music, Middle Eastern and Eastern European folklore, creating all those sound textures that make up his latest album 'The Dream Thief'.



Ambrose Akinmusire (trumpet), David Virelles (piano).

Cuban David Virelles and Californian Ambrose Akinmusire meet to give life to a truly new dialogue that will be expressed for the first time on the stage of the Vicenza Jazz Festival 2019!


ore 23.50, Non-Catholic Cemetery - Trio Ammentos & Diana Torto "Journey to Spoon River"

Diana Torto (vocals), Peo Alfonsi (guitar), Fausto Beccalossi (accordion), Salvatore Maiore (double bass).

Diana Torto and the Trio Ammentos combine their art to recreate in music the infinite nuances of the human soul evoked by the characters of the American Spoon River Anthology of Edgar Lee Master.


17.05.19 - ore 21.00, Vicenza Teatro Comunale - Top Jazz Night: the best jazz awards by "Musica Jazz"

Three ensembles that will include four winners of the most recent edition of the poll launched by the magazine Musica Jazz, the Top Jazz Night: the Horn Trio by bassist Federica Michisanti (who puts melodic writing and the timbre component under a very vivid light), the New Things trio by pianist Franco D'Andrea (for years a constant presence at the podium of Top Jazz) and the Lydian Sound Orchestra conducted by Riccardo Brazzale (who will present the new project Mare 1519) together with special guest Ambrose Akinmusire.

ore 24.00, Cimitero Maggiore - Gabriele Mirabassi Trio + Ernst Reijseger “Gli amori sospesi”

Gabriele Mirabassi (clarinet), Nando Di Modugno (classical guitar), Pierluigi Balducci (acoustic bass guitar) feat. Ernst Reijseger (cello).

Together with Nando Di Modugno and Pierluigi Balducci, Gabriele Mirabassi gives life to the project "Gli amori sospesi": a journey from Patagonia to Rio de Janeiro taking in jazz, folklore and classical tradition. A delicate and touching music that stands as a crossroads of cultures. On the occasion of the midnight concert the Mirabassi trio will be joined by Ernst Reijseger, whose name is associated with long-lasting memories of previous editions of the festival.


18.05.19 - ore 21.00, Teatro Olimpico – Enrico Rava, Michel Portal, Ernst Reijseger, Andrew Cyrille “Free Connection”

Enrico Rava (flugelhorn), Michel Portal (soprano sax, clarinets), Ernst Reijseger (cello), Andrew Cyrille (drums).

The word for this special evening will be ‘improvisation’: Free Connection is an absolute premiere created specifically for the festival by the two European jazz big names Rava and Portal, by the master of African-American rhythms Cyrille and a cello revolutionary like Reijseger. An evening of the New Conversations Vicenza Jazz Festival that is expected to be unique and unmissable!


19.05.19 - ore 21.00, Teatro Olimpico – Jorge Rossy & Pedrollo Clinic Ensemble | Pietro Tonolo JORGE ‘Lennie’s Pennies’ feat. JORGE ROSSY in collaboration with Vicenza ‘A. Pedrollo’ Conservatorio

On the last day of Vicenza Jazz 2019 - New Conversations you can listen to the outcome of an important educational project between the "A. Pedrollo” Music Conservatorio and Spanish Jorge Rossy, one of the most creative drummers (but he is also percussionist and pianist) of the world’s jazz scene.


Vicenza events in Italy and jazz music concerts are included in the wide cultural program sponsored by the City of Vicenza, Department of Development, and the Foundation Teatro Comunale Città di Vicenza, in co-production with Trivellato Mercedes Benz and in collaboration with the Bar Borsa. The artistic direction of Vicenza Jazz 2019 - New Conversations is again headed by Riccardo Brazzale. Vicenza Jazz includes art exhibitions, workshops and film reviews that will involve the entire city of the event.

Don’t miss the Vicenza Jazz 2019 Festival! Take advantage of its full program to arrange a few days in Vicenza: on you will find many interesting activities to discover the splendid city of Palladio!

By Insidecom Editorial Staff