VicenzaOro Charm. Luxury International Exhibition

From 21 May 2011 to 25 May 2011

Soon the lights of VicenzaOro, the international event dedicated to gold, jewels, silver and expensive watches will be glimmering again at the renowned Vicenza Exhibition Centre. From 21st to 25th, May you will have the unique chance to spend five days and enjoy a glamorous, eccentric and luxurious event where the best new trends and ideas from the gold and jewellery industry will be on show.

Exhibitors from all around the world will be present to demonstrate how the Art of Luxury goes hand in hand with everyday life whilst remaining, even during times of crises, a fundamental component of fashion and design.

The winds of change blowing over this years edition have completely revamped the design of the exhibition areas and the event itself and brought in new dedicated international accolades for each of the exhibiting categories of skill mastery including prizes to be won for innovation, experimentation and new designers. At the same time, a museum in the city centre will spread the golden light of the exhibition with the showing of an important collection of multi-shaped jewels.

Goldsmith and gem workings have a long-standing and established tradition in the areas surrounding Vicenza. Vicenza Oro Charm, with the efforts implemented by the Vicenza Trade Centre and those passionate about jewels, is emphasizing how this tradition is still alive in the present and future of this area and providing a world audience to the artistic innovation and new approach of the most important gold exhibition in the North of Italy.

By Insidecom Editorial Staff