Vinitaly - International Wine and Spirits Exhibition 2014

48th edition

From 06 April 2014 to 09 April 2014


The pride of the 2014 events at the Fiera di Verona - Verona Wine Fair - Vinitaly Verona  - Vinitaly International Wine and Spirits returns from 6 to 9 April!

Vinitaly in Verona in 2014 celebrates the 48th edition of the Vinitaly Festival which has become an ambassador of Made in Italy throughout the world: a symbol of a high quality food-and-wine sector that combines tradition and innovation.

The success and prestige of the Vinitaly program are one of the most anticipated events at the Verona fiere and continue to grow: in 2013 over 4000 exhibitors and 148 000 visitors, while 2014 has already exceeded the previous record of square meters sold. Vinitaly Exhibitors at Vinitaly Wine Fair will benefit from the enlargement of the pavilion A and a new space dedicated to wine production abroad.

Vinitaly Italy is only open to a select clientele - Vinitaly wine festival allows visitors only in certain categories - Vinitaly International Wine Competition has been one of the most important international events in the wine industry since 1967 and offers the excellence of national and international oenology.

Vinitaly 2014 dates have been decided months ago, but the program is constantly evolving: guided national and international wine tastings, workshops that promote the encounter between wineries and operators, exhibitions, presentations and meetings. Not forgetting the numerous conferences planned for Vinitaly exhibition in April 2014, which will delve into issues related to the vast universe of wine, such as organic and sustainable products, new technologies and market trends. At the Vinitaly in Verona in 2014 the Vinitaly event promises to be a valuable point of contact between buyers and sellers.

Below is the list of the events to mark for Vinitaly - program 2014:

Vivit - Terroir Vineyards Winemakers: 3rd edition of the Vinitaly Fair Vivit salon: a meeting point and discussion for true fans. Vivit indicates a handcrafted wine, the flavour of the land where it was born and its deep relationship with the grower.

Signature restaurant: Vinitaly and the National Association of Women of Wine at the Vinitaly expo in 2014 are hosting the tasty daily appointment with the excellence of Italian cuisine reinterpreted by famous chefs.

Author Self Service: important chefs of the Jeunes Restaurateurs of Europe association engaged in the arduous challenge of combining the style of self-service with quality and elegance.

Vinitaly Enolitech: a fast and quality service that meets the needs of visitors and exhibitors. This is the new restaurant at Vinitaly fiera di Verona in 2014 with arrangement curated by Kubedesign.

Vinitalybio: reserved exclusively for certified organic and biodynamic wines, both domestic and international.

International Buyers Lounge: dedicated to international buyers, this new area of Vinitaly - Verona Fiere 2014 offers foreign producers the exclusive opportunity to meet growers and learn about wine. Within this unique area of Vinitaly, a carefully selected sommelier will explain the different characteristics of the wines served.

Vinitaly 2014 tickets can be purchased exclusively by industry professionals including producers, restaurateurs, importers, engineers, distributors, opinion leaders, journalists, buyers.

However, the Vinitaly International Wine and Spirits Exhibition will not only take place in the VeronaFiere! Vinitaly and the City - the long-awaited Vinitaly Gran Guardia event - celebrates its 2nd edition: an event open to all and dedicated to lovers of Italian wine. Vinitaly Gran Guardia in Verona and the city will be held at the Palazzo della Gran Guardia in Verona, on 6 and 7 April from 5.30 to 11pm.

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Vinitaly events dates: 6/7/8/9 April 2014

Vinitaly buy tickets and cost: Day Ticket € 50

Vinitaly opening hours: 9:30am to 6:30pm

Vinitaly location: Veronafiere

By Insidecom Editorial Staff