Vogadona 2021

First edition of a beautiful initiative combining the traditional Venetian sport of rowing with fundraising to support young Afghan women who escaped their country.

19 September 2021

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This year Venice gets yet another wonderful initiative, the Vogadona!

On 19 September 2021 the lagoon city will be painted pink and calls for all female rowers to join and row in favor of all young Afghans arriving in our country and who need hospitality and support for their studies.

The Vogadona is a non-competitive event organized by the Elena Trevisanato Onlus Foundation and the Vogalonga Organizing Committee with the participation of female Venetian rowers.

Only Venetian rowing boats can take part in the event with no weight and size limits (for a maximum total of 70 boats). Those who do not have a boat and would like to participate can contact Canottieri Giudecca who will provide you with one of their boats.

If you also want to participate in this initiative, remember to register by 15 September by clicking and filling out the form in this link: https://www.vogadona.org/



The departure of the Vogadona 2021 is at 10.00 am near San Giorgio in Alga. Here are the stops: Sacca Fisola, Sacca Sessola, San Clemente, Canale dellOrfano towards San Servolo, Rio dei Giardini, Canale di San Piero, Canale tra le Vignole and Certosa, arrival at the Certosa.

The itinerary will be enlivened by the music of the all-female group 'Porte Perte'.

Having arrived at the finish line, the participants will receive a bottle of prosecco to toast with their crew to this extraordinary day of solidarity and friendship.

But that's not all! For all those who wish, they can register for the Certosa Festival, organized on the same day by the Elena Foundation. The proceeds from this celebration will be donated to the health center of the village of Darwonaji and to the mothers and children of the little one in the maternity ward.



The Elena Trevisanato Onlus Foundation was born in memory of Elena, a young girl who loved life, generous and eager to help others, and who lost her life prematurely at the age of 19.

The purpose of the Elena Foundation is to assist, treat and protect all underprivileged people who are in a state of greatest need, especially women and children, even in the third and fourth world, by promoting and organizing activities and works of social value.

By Insidecom Editorial Staff