Vogalonga 2013 in Venice

One of the most fascinating race events in Venice returns.

19 May 2013


When is Vogalonga 2013? 19 May 2013 is when one of the most fascinating race events in Venice returns. Vogalonga in Venezia is an event which is amongst great classics of the lagoon city and every year attracts rowers from all over the world for a day of tradition and respect for the environment.

The Vogalonga Regatta 2013 celebrates its 39th edition: a fascinating event first held in 1974 as a friendly race between friends wearing a mask. The history of the Vogalonga started the following year, when it was called a non-competitive regatta dedicated to one of the oldest traditions of Venice - the Venetian rowing: an 'ecological' event against the waves and the consequent degradation of Venice.

The Vogalonga program is open to everyone and the race will cross the most picturesque places in Venice and its lagoon with of all types of rowing boats. The Vogalonga route in Venice is about 30 km long and starts and finishes in St Marks basin. After the start, the Vogalonga 2013 leads into the beautiful Venetian lagoon, touching some enchanting and not very well known islands, such as S. Elena, the island of Vignole, S.

Erasmo and S. Francesco del Deserto, in addition to the most famous Burano and Murano, before returning to Venice along the Cannaregio Canal and continue on the Grand Canal to Punta della Dogana.

The Vogalonga festival was founded with the intention of spreading the knowledge, respect for nature and culture of Venice and it re-evaluates the use of rowing boats in a lagoon now invaded by motor boats. The Vogalonga, Venice wants to be a sort of a peaceful 'battle' against the waves that are slowly destroying Venice.

Since its first edition, the Vogalonga festival, Venice has acquired the charm of an event of times gone by: a cannon shot followed by the sound of the oars of the boats on the calm waters of St. Mark's Basin, a show that awakes silent Venice with an unprecedented show.

Among the Venice events in May 2013, the Vogalonga boat race in Venice stands in the foreground: the allure of an old Venetian tradition, the race, combined with a very salient issue in recent years - the damage caused by the waves - make the Vogalonga date a moment that unites the people of Venice to the many visitors each year who come to the city to attend the event.

And if after having taken part in the Vogalonga, Venezia 2013 you would like to your hand at rowing a Venetian boat, our rowing course: Rowing in Venice will reveal all the secrets of this fascinating discipline!

By Insidecom Editorial Staff