Vogalonga in Venezia 2014

one of the most fascinating regattas of Venice

08 June 2014


The program Vogalonga 2014 has now been decided... The Vogalonga Festival is one of the long time great classics and capable of attracting rowers from all over the world for the Vogalonga regatta in Venice2014: an event in full of tradition and respect for the environment.

On June 8, the Vogalonga boat race in Venice will celebrate an important milestone, the 40th edition of what is now considered one of the most fascinating races of Venice.

The Vogalonga boat race is a traditional festival in Venice that began in the 70s with a simple masquerade race among friends. Hence, the idea began of holding a large non-competitive race dedicated to Venetian rowing - one of the oldest traditions of Venice, which threatened to succumb to the motor boats - to raise awareness against the swell and decay of Venice. Since the first edition, the starting point of Vogalonga Venice was fixed to one of the key traffic areas in Venice, the St Mark's Basin.

After the start, Venice Vogalonga 2014 will cross the most beautiful places in Venice and its lagoon: the boats will parade next to the famous islands of Murano and Burano, and also the lesser known St Helena, Le Vignole, St. Erasmo and S.

Francesco del Deserto before arriving in Venice from the Canale di Cannaregio and travel along the Grand Canal to Punta della Dogana. The total length of the route of Vogalonga Venezia 2014 is about 30 km exclusively with rowing boats!

The Vogalonga Regatta 2014  is one of the most picturesque races for the unusual spectacle: a parade of boats of all kinds, in the silence of a city finally free from the roar of motor boats. The only sound you hear is the gentle swish of rowing on the water.

The Vogalonga in Venice, Italy wants to spread the knowledge and respect of nature and culture of Venice by highlighting the tradition and importance of Venetian rowing in a city overrun by motor boats: a real 'ecological' and peaceful event against the waves that are slowly destroying one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

Make a note of the date of the Vogalonga in Venice on June 8, 2014! One of the most anticipated events in Venice in June 2014 that combines a forty year long tradition and show  and to highlight an issue that is increasingly being discussed, as well as offering a day of high emotions and thoughts on the future of Venice.

By Insidecom Editorial Staff


Period: 08 June 2014

Event location: Venice

Contacts: For information about the inscription for Vogalong 2014, times, and complete program - www.vogalonga.com