Vogalonga Regatta in Venice 2018

44th edition of the famous Rowing festival

20 May 2018

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Everything is ready for the Vogalonga 2018! The program for the Vogalonga Regatta in Venice 2018 has been decided: the event will take place on Sunday 20th May with the presence of numerous rowers from Italy and abroad, who will participate aboard their own rowing boats. Now in its 44th year, the Vogalonga Venice Regatta has become one of the most important Venetian events, dedicated to tradition and above all respect for the environment.

The Vogalonga history began in the seventies with a simple boat race between friends on board typical mascarete. From this, the idea emerged to hold a much larger race, in order to safeguard Venice from the waves - caused by the rise in the number of boat motors - and restore the ancient Venetian traditions. The meeting for the participating boats was scheduled in St Mark’s Basin which has always been the main point of the Venetian traffic. The route of the Venice rowing Vogalonga starting from here for a distance of approximately 30 km, through the most beautiful and picturesque areas of the city!

On May 8, 1975 no one would have expected such an exciting show: more than 500 silent boats for the first the Venice Regatta Vogalonga, the calm water of St Mark’s basin, the cannon shot to establish the start of the race and the magic rustle of the water moved by the many rowing boats together. ... As Delfo Utimpergher wrote in ‘Il Gazzettino 'The Vogalonga was a real revenge of the oar on the engine, a rediscovery of the charming lagoon environment, a popular race not to dispute something or someone, but only to show solidarity with Venice. Many hands outstretched towards the city to defend it from one of its most insidious problems, the waves'.

Over the years, the success of the Vogalonga of Venice, Italy has significantly grown until its record in 2014 when well over 2,000 boats were counted with 7,541 participants from around the world. More recently, numerous rowing clubs have been built in Venice and its surrounding areas equipped with extraordinary and original boats with ten, twelve or even eighteen oars, giving new life to a craft that had almost disappeared and which helps to keep alive the old traditions of Venice.

As per tradition, the start of the Vogalonga 2018 route will be in St. Mark's Basin, after which the race will continue through the most fascinating places of Venice and its lagoon. Once St. Helena has been reached, the Vogalonga Regatta 2018 sails past the islands of Vignole, Sant'Erasmo and San Francesco del Deserto. At about the midway point, the Vogalonga boat race will sail past the islands of Burano and Mazzorbo, Madonna del Monte and San Giacomo in Paludo, then on to Murano through the Grand Canal. Arriving in the historical centre, the parade of the Venice regatta in May 2018 will sail along the Cannaregio Canal, the Grand Canal and on to the arrival in Punta della Dogana in front of St Mark’s.

The total itinerary length of the Vogalonga route has always remained the same: about 30 km of strictly rowing boats!

To confirm the non-competitive spirit that characterizes the spectacular Vogalonga boat race in Venice since the first edition, there will not be a winner. All participants who reach the finish line will receive a medal in recognition for having participated in this fantastic initiative to safeguard the city.

The aim and objectives of the Vogalonga Venice is to highlight the future of Venice, for years it has been threatened by waves caused by the increasingly present motorboats. The Venice Vogalonga has become one of the most anticipated races of Venice, characterized by traditional Venetian rowing, and to spread respect for the culture, the customs and traditions of Venice that has always been considered the most beautiful city in the world.

Sunday 20th May is date for the Vogalonga Venice 2018 marked on the agenda! Vogalonga in Venice is not just a regatta, but a real event that for more than forty years continues to fascinate young and old, providing an important starting point on a current topic and the future of Venice.

Take the opportunity of the Vogalonga in Venice dates 2018 to visit the city! Book one of the fabulous hotels in the historic centre of Venice and discover its many monuments! Wander through squares, navigate the Grand Canal and visit the beautiful islands of the lagoon: Murano, known throughout the world for its unique glass, Burano, with its original houses with bright colours and its lace and also Torcello, a symbol of Venetian history and Byzantine civilization.

Don’t miss the 44th Vogalonga… And to have an all-round experience, book one of our magnificent tours and itineraries in Venice: your stay in this beautiful city will be unforgettable!


Location: Venice

Departure: St Mark’s Basin - Arrival: Punta della Dogana

Date: Sunday 20th May 2018

By Insidecom Editorial Staff


Period: 20 May 2018

Event location: Venice

Contacts: for more information visit Vogalonga official site www.vogalonga.com

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