Wagner and Fortuny. Wagnerism in the visual arts in Italy on display at Fortuny Museum

From 08 December 2012 to 08 April 2013

On December 8 one of the most interesting art exhibitions in Venice 2012 begins: 'Fortuny and Wagner. Wagnerism in the visual arts in Italy '.

Until 8 April 2013 over 150 works by Mariano Fortuny and other artists will be on display at Palazzo Fortuny in Venice, Italy, including Anselm Kiefer, Antoni Tpies works and Bill Viola. Works that investigate the influence that Wagner and Wagnerism have had on the visual arts in the late nineteenth and early twentieth century in a fascinating exhibition at the Fortuny Museum in Venice.

A theme that has never been fully investigated, nor the subject of any other exhibitions before, which will, therefore, be considered for the first time in the magnificent Palazzo Fortuny in Venice, Italy thanks to the prominent role assumed by Mariano Fortuny after a long research on aesthetic and iconographic importance exerted by Wagner and Wagnerism on the visual arts in Italy between the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.

In the splendid setting of Palazzo Fortuny Museum in Venice and, on display for the first time, the entire Wagnerian cycle of Mariano Fortuny, supplemented by Italian and international artists such as Bill Viola, Venice, Antoni Tapies works and works by Anselm Kiefer, Venice that trace the influence of the imagination of Wagner on contemporary artists.

A fashionable cultural movement in numerous fields, Wagnerism developed between the late 800s and early 900s in Europe. In visual arts it is characterized by the presence of scenarios and fictional characters that remind us of the mysterious atmosphere of the music dramas of Wagner.

Fascinating paintings and numerous engravings of Mariano Fortuny, previously unseen works and major restoration works on display for the first time at the Mariano Fortuny Museum Venice within this great exhibition on the influence of Wagnerism in the visual arts.

A fascinating art exhibition in Venice to present a comparison with other Italian authors, like Lionello Balestrieri, Eugenio Prati and Gaetano Previati, in which their works took inspiration from the scenes and characters of Wagner's music.

In Wagner and Fortuny in Venice will also feature a documentary section and interesting insights into caricatures, posters and illustration, as well as an original sketch by Mario de Maria for the lost portrait of the daughter of Wagner.

Organized to celebrate the bicentenary of the birth of Richard Wagner, which occurs in 2013, 'Fortuny and Wagner. Wagnerism in the visual arts in Italy 'is part of the rich 2012 calendar of Palazzo Fortuny in Venice, always hosting interesting and special exhibitions, such as a recent one on Diana Vreeland, Franco Vimercati, Maurizio Donzelli and Annamaria Zanella.

Do not miss one of the most poetic art exhibitions in Venice in 2012! A surreal encounter between music and visual arts that will get you in touch with the magical atmosphere of the drama of one of the most acclaimed composers of all time: Richard Wagner. And if you want to stay for as long as possible immersed in the surreal atmosphere of this exhibition, book one of the many hotels in Venice and give yourself a few days in the most beautiful city in the world.

By Insidecom Editorial Staff