Walking on snow shoes - Lessinia

From 16 December 2008 to 31 January 2009

For those who want to visit the mountains in the winter in a different way, these organised walks offer the perfect solution: an unforgettable experience which allows you direct contact with nature, immersed in the snowy mountain scenery. In recent years this activity has seen a great increase in popularity, in part owing to the advance in equipment: special snow shoes invented by hunters allow you to move over the snow with unrestricted freedom.

The ancient Lessinia, the mountainous area north of Verona, is rich in forests, valleys and natural rock-sculpture, and is particularly suited to this type of activity. Its natural beauty offers, splendid views, rich in colour and emotion, as well as antique tradition. From December to February it is possible to take part in these unforgettable excursions, both during the day and night, organised by various local associations.

All information regarding such is available from the Tourist Office of Bosco Chiesanuova.

By Insidecom Editorial Staff