Wooden and bronze works of the Dolomites. Augusto Murer between tradition and innovation

From 27 November 2010 to 30 January 2011

In the 25th anniversary of his death Belluno is dedicating a great exhibition to Augusto Murer. Amongst the peculiarities of this exhibition there is the fact that it is held in more than one location, often outdoors along the streets of the town centre, in an ideal arrangement that brings visitors closer to the art and works of Murer, the offspring of the Belluno Dolomites, and puts them in contact with the environments that forged Murers inspiration. The conventional locations are Crepadona Palace, the Civic Museum and the Belluno Culture and Press Centre, these being the venues that are more conventionally used for the promotion of culture. Opened on 27th November the exhibition shows over 100 sculptures and drawings, spanning from the early wooden pieces to the later bronze ones and his graphics production. The subjects take inspiration from everyday life, the female world, mythology, childhood and war episodes related to the Resistance, that Murer was part of. There are also subjects inspired by civic engagement, as perfectly signified by the works Vajont (1963) and Hiroshima (1980). Augusto Murer has always seen wood as a material laden with powerful symbols, something that alone is already capable of representing the beauty and gravity of human life and that is indissolubly linked to its place of origin: this already embraces the entire artistic philosophy of this late 20th century personality, a carver gifted with immense sensitivity and that had in this aspect his greatest quality. The exhibition is entitled Wooden and bronze works of the Dolomites. Augusto Murer between tradition and innovation and curated by Antonella Alban, Massimo De Grassi and Franca Visentin in collaboration with Murers family. It is also part of a programme between the Veneto Region and the Belluno Municipality, in collaboration with the Belluno Province, Erma Association and the Belluno Culture and Press Centre.
By Insidecom Editorial Staff