XIII Prosecco DOC Springtime 2008

From 16 February 2008 to 15 June 2008

The gastronomic delights of Treviso and the Altamarca region. 15 exhibitions dedicated to the production of a unique region. The event, the most important of its kind both in the Veneto and indeed all of Italy, is held during February and June and attracts thousands of visiotrs from all over the world. An appreciation and celebration fusing hospitality, healthy living, buon gusto and the Italian way of life, all under the sign of Prosecco Spumante Doc. The fervour of its preparations leads up to the official opening of the 13th Prosecco Doc Springtime on Saturday 16 February: the village of Vidor-Colbertaldo will be, as always, the first to open the festivities, followed by all the other exhibitions of local wines, until mid-June, making the event as a whole among the most famous and intersting for the tourist in Italy. The event, which ends 15 June at San Pietro di Feletto, offers a hearty welcome and ranges through such historical venues as the abbey of Follina and Vidor, the castles of Cison, Susegana, Conegliano, Vittorio Veneto, as well as many other places. Equally worthy of mention are the accompanying events such as the guided walk along the circe of the Prosecco Doc known as Prosecchissima (13 April) and the Gran Fondo del Prosecco (18 May) for enthusiasts and professional cyclists, the Slowbike for all ages and levels, young and old (13 April e 18 May Wine in the Villa (17 and18 May the Italian Spumanti Forum. In addition to wine tastings, other typical products will be on offer in order to introduce and appreciate the excellence and variety of the local agriculture produce. For the first time this year the rising star of Casatella Trevigiana makes an appearance: already this spring the European Union awarded it the appellation DOP, a recognition with which the region is no stranger.

The ever-growing success of the Prosecco Conegliano Valdobbiadene lies in the particular characteristics of the DOC which distinnguishes it from many other DOC wines on the market (and which are produced outside its natural territory): the high hills of Treviso or the Altamarcha, homeland of Prosecco are unique in their climate and terrain, being blessed with warm springs and cool summers. Of note are the journalism prize Prosecco DOC Springtime on the hills of Altamarca ,whcih offers in addition to financial remuneration a weekends participation in the area of production; the photographic competition Gazing at the Territory, focussing on all the DoC-growing area, and the tasting of the premium wines of the year culminating in the occasion of the Grand Prize for Prosecco and Altamarca Wines. For years throughout the area the Altamarca has seen a tradtion of vineyards, winemakers and pressing plants; today there are more than 400 companies both large and small, all giving the impetus for a wider recogntion of Prosecco throughout the world.

Entrance to the exhibitions is free, while the tasting cost varies from 1.50 to 2.50 euro per glass. The 15 exhibitions are mainly open only during the afternoon and evening, from 4pm or 6pm until 11pm. Weekends however see them open continuously from 10a.m. until midnight. A new and important addition is the security feature, as explained by Giovanni Follado, the event co-ordinator: One of the aspects we have focussed on this year is the problem of alcohol abuse, which over the past years has claimed innumerable lives on the roads in our region; it is thus important to provide information, especially to young people, concerning the consequences of alcohol abuse; for this reason there will be an information stand at every event, equipped with instruments for measuring the alcohol intake and level for those driving home. We want the event to continue to have its good-time party atmosphere and not a source of apprehehsion for those who have travelled a long way through the hills of our famed and prized wines. For this reason the Prosecco DoC Springtime will again be nothing less than an occasion to visit places of historic and cultural interest, and enjoy a convivial moment of healthy and responsible tourism not spoiled by over-indulgence in alcohol.

By Insidecom Editorial Staff