XV Music Festival "City of Padova"

From 09 April 2011 to 28 May 2011

The 15th edition of the Musical Festival City of Padova will be held from 9 April to 28 May at the Studio Teologico of St Anthony Cathedral. As an exception, this year the event is part of the series of events Universi Diversi organized by the Culture Department of the Padova Municipality. The Musici Patavini will present inside this event Sabato al Santo, five performances that will lead the audience to discover an equivalent number of contingent but opposing music Universes. Flute sounds will depict in a modern guise the Nature themes that Vivaldi was so fond of, whilst song and trumpet melodies will introduce us to the comprehension of the repertoire of the 19th century. We will also get to know three peculiar instruments of the clarinet group, known as bass hornets.

Saturday 9 April will commence with the concert of the Berthomieu Quartet, composed by the flute players Fabio Bacelle, Stefania Soave, Chiara Semino, Antonio Vivian. The Berthomieu Flute Quartet is proud to be named after the distinguished French composer Marc Berthomieu (1906-1991) who was particularly fond of this ensemble.

The Quartet was formed by musicians who are gifted with profound experience and ability gained after years of playing the flute and who are also teaching it at the Conservatorio of Cagliari, Vicenza, Mantova and Trieste. They share a common background of flute studying under the teaching of great masters, fact that gives the quartet a strong sense of harmony and understanding. Many prizes and accolades have been given to the quartet and their members, who have also contributed as lead players to the concerts of the symphonic orchestras of Treviso, Vicenza, the "Orchestra delle Venezie" and the Town Winds Orchestra of Padova. They also boast many years of concerts, recording sessions and prizes at important contexts.

The festival will carry on with the Trio Sofia on 23 April, the Trio of bass hornets Delta Wind Consort on 7 May, the soprano-piano duo Tatiana Aguiar and Alberto Boischio on 21 May and will finish on 28 May with the Teatri Quartet.

Entry tickets 4. Tickets are on sale an hour before the beginning of the concert.

By Insidecom Editorial Staff