XXI Giornata FAI di Primavera in Veneto

From 23 March 2013 to 24 March 2013

On 23 and 24 March 2013 the traditional Fai giornata di primavera 2013 event sponsored by Fai returns! Fai events in Italy dedicated to the discovery of unusual places in our country with special openings and ad hoc activities organized by the Fondo Ambiente Italiano.

Following the established tradition of the Italian Fondo Ambiente Fai, the Giornata Fai di Primavera 2013 will offer a rich program of visits to historic buildings and natural sites in all parts of the region.

The main purpose of the Giornata Fai Primavera is to attract more Italians to the important cause of the Fondo Ambiente Italiano, Fai which has for over 35 years restored and shown to the public works of art, history and nature with the help of supporters (individuals, institutions and companies).

Faithful to these ideals, Giornata Fai di Primavera 2013 will open many places maintained by Fai. The Fondo Ambiente Girornata di Primavera will offer mostly free events for which you may be asked for only a small contribution to help the cause of Fai and towards the conservation of Italian artistic and environmental heritage.

The past 21 FAI Spring Days, organized since 1993, to date have had a great success, involving more than 6,000,000 Italians in a unique experience to discover the lesser-known places and forgotten ambiances.

Organized by the Fondo Ambiente Giornata di Primavera, cultural itineraries, curiosity, hikes and bike rides to raise awareness of archaeological sites, nature trails, villages, gardens, churches and museums...

Included in the Giornata Fai 2013 will be the fascinating initiative 'Apprendisti Cicero', thanks to which many visits will be held by young Italian students specially trained to become the perfect guide for the Fai events.

The Giornata Fai in Veneto will open the doors to many places, many of which are not available on other days of the year. Below is the Fai events calendar of Giornata Fai nel Veneto 2013:Giornata Fai Treviso and its provinceCastelfranco Veneto: House of Costanzo and the Civic TowerMotta di Livenza: the mill of Villa RosaQuinto di Treviso: Church of San CassianoSan Polo di Piave: FilandaTreviso: Villa Ca ZenobioVittorio Veneto: Nature Trail Piante monumentaliGiornata Fai Padova and its provinceLuvigliano di Torreglia: Villa of VescoviMontagnana: Church of S. Antonio Abate and the Antonio Giacomelli Civic MuseumPadova: Church of San Gaetano the ex-convent of Teatini and Carmeli Room (ex library of the monastery of San Francesco Grande)Piove di Sacco: Jappelli Palace, Villa Priuli and Villa Soranzo Crotta BragatoGiornata Fai Venezia and its provinceBibione: Val GrandeChioggia: Complex of the Filippini FathersMestre: Old Customs HouseVenice: Ca 'Corner della Regina, St. Giobbe Church, floor of Palazzo Barbar in San Vidal and the Olivetti ShopGiornata Fai Verona and its provinceVerona: Fattoria didattica (Teaching Farm) Al Giarol GrandeGiornata Fai Vicenza and its provinceTown Hall and Civic Tower in Bassano del GrappaVescovado Palace, Temple of St. Corona and the archaeological site of the Cathedral of Vicenza a VicenzaGiornata Fai Rovigo and its provincePolesella: Guided TourGiornata Fai Belluno and its provinceBelluno: Town Hall, ReviviscarPalace and Villa Doglioni DalmasFeltre: la Sena TheatreThe Fai - Fondo Ambiente Italiano is a non-profit foundation which protects, preserves and enhances the Italian artistic and environmental heritage sites. Sites which are priceless and unfortunately, are often left to their fate.

The Giornata Fai Primavera also offers the opportunity to join the Fondo Ambiente Italiano on the spot, to be eligible for additional benefits on the sites that you have chosen to visit.

Do not miss the Fondo Ambiente Veneto day... a show of art and beauty which is only held once a year!

By Insidecom Editorial Staff


Period: From 23 March 2013 to 24 March 2013

Event location: Veneto

Contacts: For more information about Giornata di Primavera del Fondo Ambiente Italiano in Veneto: www.giornatafai.it