Zappa Plays Zappa Tour De Frank

15 July 2010

On the 70th year since the birth of Frank Zappa, the talented American guitarist whose work explored music in all its different declinations, the son Dweezil pays tribute to the father with Zappa Plays Zappa. This tour will visit Italy on three dates only and present to the new generations a few selected moments from Zappas long career, which has been fundamental for both the present and future of music history. The Veneto event will be staged on July 15th at the astonishing Anfiteatro Camerini within the Piazzola Live Festival, an event that has this year shown only the best.

Fascinated from a very young age by his fathers music, which he used to listen to whilst his father was working until late at night in his studio, Dweezil was irreparably influenced by the technically astonishing compositions, which belonged to no clear genre other than the generic one of Art (with a proper capital A) and were often enriched by sardonic and surreal texts, denoting an humor disproportionate for the audience they were addressed to.

There is no doubt that Dweezil Zappa has inherited from his father a kind of communicative zest and the desire to experiment: one needs only to reflect on the fact that he has switched from being a DJ at MTV to releasing surprising records. He has often embarked on impossible projects like for example, when he composed a single 75 minute long record, with the participation of guests of the calibre of Jeff Beck and Eddie Van Halen, amongst others, which will apparently never be released due to several different problems. His varied career includes being an actor, a dubber, and a show music composer. There is no doubt that he is full of personality, and with his origins it is clear that this event will be a genuine one. Rock, jazz, classic, contemporary music and much more: this is Frank Zappas music, which has nothing to do with the business of music chart and is made for those who want to listen to it, be entertained and inspired by it.With Dweezil another six artists will be on stage: Scheila Gonzalez (keyboard, singing, flute and saxophone Pete Griffin (bass Billy Hulting (drums, marimba and mallet Jamie Kime (guitar Ben Thomas (singing) and Joe Travers (drums and singing).

An even that we strongly recommend to everybody.

By Insidecom Editorial Staff


Period: 15 July 2010

Event location: Anfiteatro Camerini - Piazzola sul Brenta (PD)

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