Zucchero in Concert in Verona and Padua

From 30 April 2013 to 28 June 2013

Great expectation awaits the Zucchero concert 2013, with dates continuing to rise after tickets have sold out for the Zucchero concert dates initially planned for the tour in Italy.

As for the Zucchero concerts in Veneto, the confirmed four dates are: 30 April 1 and 2 May 2013 Zucchero at the Arena di Verona, and 28 June 2013 will be the only staging of Zucchero in Padova. Zucchero concert tickets are available online and the authorized sellers. Book now to experience the Zucchero concert tour in Italy!The Zucchero tour Italy 2013 follows the publication of his 22nd album: a remarkable mix of melodies that proposes new cover songs, and historic classics re-arranged. Recorded in Cuba last year, 'La Sesion Cubana is a real immersion in the sounds of the island, an album recorded live in the studio, consisting of thirteen songs that combine the energetic and intense sound of Cuba in various contaminations (blues, country, rock, ...).

A native of Reggio Emilia, Zucchero, born Adelmo Fornaciari, is one of the most popular Italian artists in the world. He was the first Western artist to perform at the Kremlin after the fall of the Berlin Wall and placed in the most prestigious encyclopaedia of twentieth-century music. Zucchero has worked together with the likes of Ray Charles, Sting, Eric Clapton, Mark Knopfler, BB King, Andrea Bocelli, Francis Sinatra, Ennio Morricone, and Luciano Pavarotti, to name a few.

One of the most beautiful places in Veneto will be the background to the first notes of the Zucchero concert in Verona. Three Zucchero concert dates 2013 that will pave way of the long and exciting calendar of Zucchero concerts in Italy and abroad. Zucchero in concert at the Arena di Verona promises to be a unique event: The quaint sound of this Emilian artist will perform La Sesion Cubana tour in the perfect setting to give its fans an unforgettable experience.

After Zucchero in Verona, Genoa, Assago and Turin the only concert of Zucchero in Padua will be hosted at PalaFabris, the most important arena of the Venetian capital which has a capacity of about 4,000 seats.Zucchero in Verona 2013 and Padua will present to his many fans in the Veneto region a unique and exciting event. La Sesion Cubana by Zucchero is a fusion of very different sounds merged expertly by the musicality of this great Italian artist.

A concert of Zucchero in Verona dates back to 2011 when he last performed at the Verona Arena to celebrate his birthday along with all his fans. The Zucchero upcoming concerts are very important events to celebrate the debut of La Sesion Cubana Tour 2013 followed by Padova and many other Italian cities: Zucchero Verona tickets and Padua are already on sale!

By Insidecom Editorial Staff


Period: From 30 April 2013 to 28 June 2013

Event location: Arena di Verona and PalaFabris in Padova

Contacts: To purchase Zucchero Sesion Cubana tickets in Italy 2013: http://www.ticketone.it/tickets-biglietti.html?affiliate=ITT