The 9 Major Events not to be missed in Veneto

In this section you will find the best proposals on what to do in Veneto throughout the year: insights on major events in Venice and all the main cities in the region, important recurring appointments, famous all over the world as well as lesser-known Veneto big events ... A variety of tips to provide a direct contact with this multifaceted region and to introduce visitors to its most authentic side.


The editors would like to offer you the best choice for things to do in Veneto ... In addition to the incredible cultural and natural heritage, our region frequently hosts events of international importance. Through our Veneto Major Events section you can keep up to date and plan your stay during important venues: Venice, Verona, Vicenza, Padua, but also an array of small towns in the region often host many not to be missed events, unknown by most!

All Veneto and Venice top events gathered in this section are divided into separate user-friendly inserts, enhanced with photos, trivia and useful information for the reader. All major events in Venice Italy and lots of main points of interest in Veneto to keep in mind when planning a holiday to remember!

From a large selection of big events in Venice and Veneto appointments, that have helped make this region worldwide famous, to less known local venues: information and updates on Venice annual events as well as those in Verona, plenty of exhibitions and opportunities to be marked in your diary... All appointments are selected keeping in mind the needs of the tourists who want to travel informed, planning the vacation during special famous events in Venice as well as having an overview of what to do in Veneto.

Fascinating inserts about culture, entertainment and folklore to introduce our readers to the most prestigious aspects of this region and its more genuine sides ... A range of important famous events in Veneto, ideas and opportunities to be seized when planning an unforgettable visit to our region.