Venice Marathon

A great international sporting event: a 42 km race imbued with charm and magic!


Who has never heard of the Venice Marathon?

Considered one of the most important international sports events, the Venice Marathon –recognized by the IAAF worldwide and certified Bronze Label - is a perfect blend of the most classical athletics discipline and fairy-tale-like surroundings.

A spectacular and enchanting itinerary starting from Villa Pisani (Stra) and arriving in the heart of Venice, the most beautiful city in the world.

Among the Italy running events, the Venice marathon tv is certainly the most attended one, a race that continues to enthuse athletes and the public, attracting thousands of people every year from all over the world.

Venice Marathon

VENICE MARATHON. HISTORY. Born in May 1986, the Venice marathon immediately seemed very interesting and original, especially for the beauty of the planned route. Despite the difficulties connected with the obvious limitations of a city such as Venice, pedestrian but unfortunately full of obstacles, the organization did not lose heart and succeeded in their project. Overcoming all barriers – whether environmental or bureaucratic - what would become one of the most anticipated sports events ever, the Venice Marathon Italy came to life; in fact, as the years go by, the number of participants has been growing exponentially, reaching 10,000 members in 2016.

During the various editions of the Venice Marathon, the course has undergone several changes, the most important of which took place in 2011 when the decision was taken for the Venice Marathon to go through the splendid the splendid St. Mark's Square, one of the main symbols of the city of Venice. 

The Venice Marathon today is not just a top-level sports competition, it is also a great opportunity to attract old and young to sport, a time to have fun together and, above all, a time of solidarity. The well-established Venice Marathon Charity Program for years has joined the sports event with a charity run, with the aim of raising funds for a good cause. And it does so with an exceptional spokesperson who on several occasions has thrilled the audience crossing fields and parks, the great Olympian Alex Zanardi. Venice Marathon and solidarity: a truly winning combination! 


VENICE MARATHON - 42 KM. One aspect that contributed to the great success of this event is definitely the beautiful scenery that surrounds the itinerary of the competition. Right from the Venice Marathon start - as per tradition at Villa Pisani (Stra) - athletes will enjoy wonderful views of Riviera del Brenta and its famous villas, built as holiday homes of the Venetian nobles in the 18th century. After crossing the centre of Marghera and Mestre, the Venice full Marathon includes 2 kilometres across San Giuliano Park (where the Venice Marathon Expo Village is located) to reach Venice via Ponte della Libertà. From here the most striking and unforgettable stretch of the race will begin: the participants will run along the Giudecca Canal until they arrive at Punta della Dogana, where, thanks to a special floating bridge set up especially for the run, they will arrive in the splendid St. Mark's Square. From here, running next to the majestic Campanile and the famous Doge’s Palace, participants will reach the Venice Marathon finish line at Riva Sette Martiri, directly overlooking the Venice lagoon. A truly unforgettable marathon, an event that each year has obtained more encouraging results, becoming one of the most anticipated running events in Italy and the rest of the world, not only for those who take part, but also for all the sports enthusiasts who every year come to Venice to encourage the competitors. 


VENICE MARATHON - 10KM. This 'mini marathon' is a race that takes place in the last stretch of the normal route of the Venice Marathon. Starting from San Giuliano Park in Mestre, the 10km race connects to the official race in Venice, in Riva Sette Martiri. This beautiful initiative, which has been active for a few years, also allows the less trained runners to actively take part in this exciting event, fully enjoying all the emotions!
The 10km race is divided into two typologies: the competitive race, for those who would like to take up the challenge recording their own fastest time, and the leisure race designed for families, Nordic and Fit Walker and for those who whish to run lightly.


FAMILY RUN. Among the events linked to the Venice Marathon, we would like to remind you of the Family Run, a series of non-competitive races that take place during the weeks before the great event, along a 4km route in various locations in the province of Venice. These entertaining events that bring together young people, families and schools on a day dedicated to friendship and well-being are also an opportunity to raise funds for school sports projects and solidarity. 


EXPO VILLAGE. Just a few kilometres outside Venice, immersed in the greenery of San Giuliano Park in Mestre, Europe's largest city park, you will find the Expo Village, a fixed point for athletes and the Venice Marathon runners area, where their breastplates and race packs are handed out. To call it a 'Quartier Generale', the race headquarters, would be an understatement: it is a real 'mini Venice Marathon city’, born in 1991 and dedicated to those who love sport in all its forms. Inside this large marquee you will be able to get to know the industry's leading companies and organizations as well as discovering the latest news and getting to know the international players in the running world. Venice Marathon Expo is waiting for you at San Giuliano Park! 


So, have you already prepared your backpack with all your shoes and everything you need for your race? Warm you muscles up for the Venice Marathon: October is on its way! Mark on your calendar of marathons in Veneto this unmissable appointment and the Venice marathon start time... and may the best man win!

To facilitate the organization of your Venice Marathon - Venice, visit our section dedicated to this great event: you will find many suggestions to make the most of your race!

By Insidecom Editorial Staff