The Redentore Festival in Venice

Tradition and entertainment on the third weekend of July


The Venice Redentore Festival is one of the most famous events of the lagoon city, highly valued by its inhabitants and eagerly awaited by tourists who flock to watch the magnificent Venice fireworks.

The Redentore Venice celebration is celebrated every year on the third weekend of July, in two days that combine a fascinating spectacle and tradition.

The Redentore night in Venice is the most awaited moment of the Venice celebrations festivals… with St Mark’s Basin in the background, the light effects and reflections on the water create an amazing setting!

The Venice fireworks of the Redentore offer a show that is unmatched, creating an atmosphere of many colours making the city even more magical.

The Redentore celebration in Venice kicks off on Saturday morning, when the inhabitants begin the preparations for the long night: some prepare the food, others decorate the boats or terraces with lots of colourful balloons or look for the best berth from the Redentore Bridge to watch the beautiful Venice fireworks.

The Redentore Festival

Throughout the Redentore history the Redentore Celebration at night is one of the oldest: at sunset thousands of boats lit and decorated with many colourful balloons take place in St. Mark's Basin and the Giudecca Canal. The Venice Redentore night program remains the same year after year: Venetians dine together and enjoy the local specialties - pasta and beans, sardines in sauce and plenty of wine - accompanied by music and dancing to get to the highlight of the festival, the beautiful Venice fireworks of the Redentore. The start time is around 11.30 pm and ends after midnight... a unique fireworks display that illuminates Venice and the St Mark’s basin, which reflects the Doge’s Palace, St. George and the Pillars of Marco and Todaro. The Redentore celebration creates a thousand lights, colours and special effects leaving the viewer undecided whether to follow the fireworks in the sky or admire the image of Venice reflecting in the water.

At the end of the fireworks show, the Redentore Regatta continues by boat along the Grand Canal or the Venice Lido to watch the sunrise from the beach.

The festival of Cristo Redentore in Venice is celebrated on Sunday with religious services in the Redentore Church and rowing competitions that have always taken place on the day of the Redentore in Venice, Italy.

Like many popular Venetian festivals, this Venice celebration in July mixes the sacred and the profane: in addition to the Redentore fireworks show on Saturday night, Sunday is the traditional festival with stalls, fishing to the patronage of the Church of the Redentore in Venice and the Venetian regattas in the Giudecca canal.

The Redentore history begins way back in 1577, in conjunction with the construction of the Palladio Redentore Church on Giudecca Island. The meaning of the Redentore celebration is linked to a very ancient tradition, linked to the end of a terrible plague that decimated the inhabitants of Venice.

Legend has it that the terrible disease spread because of rats which were infected by fleas, that arrived in Venice on board the galleys that served as commercial carriers between Venice and the East. The terrible scourge that was decimating Venice – an epidemic that killed more than 50,000 people, among them the painter Titian – was defeated thanks to the public devotions of the survivors and especially the solemn vow of Doge Alvise Mocenigo, who vowed to erect a magnificent temple had the Republic of Venice survived the annihilation. After the plague, the vote in the name of Venice was dissolved by the Doge Sebastiano Venier, who held a competition for the construction of the magnificent Redentore church which was won by the architect Andrea Palladio.

After the first stone of the Redentore Church on Giudecca in Venice, Italy was laid, on the 3rd Sunday of July 1577 a provisional wooden church was built with a floating walkway to connect the island of Giudecca in Venice which enabled the Doge, the School of Arts and Crafts, Religious Brotherhoods and the people to march in procession. To commemorate this impressive celebration in Venice, Italy every year the ponte Votivo of the Redentore is formed across the Giudecca Canal for the two days of festivities.

The 'modern' event of the Redentore Giudecca in Venezia resumes the religious function presided over by the Patriarch of Venice and the procession along the ponte Votivo. The celebration of the Redentore Church Giudecca is inaugurated on Saturday with the blessing of the Patriarch of Venice on the steps of the Venice Church of Redentore, which 'opens' the ponte votivo Giudecca, and ends the next day with the famous Redentore Regatta in Venice: in the midst of many events, emotions and traditions.

The date of the Venice Redentore Church Festival varies each year but the charm of the event remains the same. In addition to being loved by Venetians, every year it also attracts thousands of tourists curious to experience first hand one of the oldest festivals in Venice and to watch a fireworks display that is famous all over the world.

Venice Redentore festival and the Redentore Bridge: a combination that has continued for over four hundred years and enriched over time with many events that combine folklore and spectaculars in a weekend between dream and reality!

By Insidecom Editorial Staff