What is the PNR code?

The PNR is a unique alphanumeric code which identifies your booking. It is provided in the voucher that you can download immediately after booking and that will also be sent to you via e-mail.

Are there discounts?

The ACTV public transport provides reductions only for children up to age 5 who travel free. From 6 years of age the normal rates of ACTV public transport enter into force.

Can I cancel or change my reservation?

After making the payment you cannot cancel or change your reservation, as set out in our terms and conditions.

What should I do with the PNR received at the time of booking?

The PNR is inserted in one of the ACTV automatic ticket machines listed in the 'Useful Information' and on the voucher, to be converted into the paper ticket to be used for your travel.

Can I use the transport services using just my PNR?

No, to use public transport the PNR code has to be converted into a paper ticket.

Where are the ACTV ticket machines?

The ticket machines are at the main stops of public transport. The full list is indicated on the voucher and on the public transport page by clicking on Useful Info.

Does the PNR expire?

The deadline is 12 months. You can convert your PNR in a paper ticket in the time period included between the date you entered in the reservation and 12 months after the date of online purchase of the ticket.

Once the PNR is converted into a paper ticket, when does the validity time of the ticket start? And for those that include transfers to/from Marco Polo Airport in Venice?

The time validity of the travel starts from the time of first validation once on board, including transfers to/from airport. Keep in mind that the ticket must be validated every time you board, not just the first time!

What kind of transport can I use for transfers to/from  Venice Marco Polo Airport?

You can only use the ACTV road transport means. Alilaguna services and connections by land or water run by companies other than ACTV are excluded.

Are transfers to/from the A. Canova  Airport in Treviso included?

I am afraid not! The public transport tickets for sale on do not include any kind of transfer to/from the Treviso airport. If you want to book a transfer from/to Treviso airport, please visit our specific page.

Can I buy a ticket immediately before travel?

Yes, you can buy your ticket online and pick it up from the ticket machines immediately after purchase.

Can I purchase multiple tickets with a single booking?

You can buy up to 10 tickets at a time. For quantities in excess of 10 tickets, you need a new transaction.

What should I do if I cannot download the voucher containing the PNR after booking?

Voucher and invoice can be downloaded directly from on the confirmation page that will appear at the end of the booking process. Both will be sent also by mail to the address indicated at the time of booking. If you are not able to download the voucher from your confirmation page and if you have not even received it via mail, you can dowload it on your own at the following link: you just need a valid payment order number (e.g.: PYMVD17-54…) or dossier number (e.g.: VD17-54…), and the email address used for your bookings.

Does the purchase of the ticket on involve an additional cost compared to the normal ACTV rates?

Ticket prices on are the official prices of ACTV transport tickets. The online purchase of tickets is recommended to avoid long lines at the ticket machines but does not provide discounts since all ticket sales points must follow the official rates.

On what lines I can travel with tickets sold on

Tickets purchased on allow you to travel: in Venice on all ACTV lines (including links to Venice Lido, Murano, Burano, Torcello, Punta Sabbioni, line No. 11 Pellestrina-Chioggia, ferry-boat Tronchetto Lido di Venezia and return passenger only); in Mestre and Venice Lido (up to Pellestrina) of all urban bus lines, including the tram. The connections with the ACTV urban bus lines 4, 15, 45, 5 Aerobus to / from Venice Marco Polo Airport are only included in tickets with a special additional tariff.

On what lines cannot travel with tickets bought on

Tickets on sale on are not valid on: lines 16, 19, 21, Alilaguna Casino; suburban bus lines; connections to/from the airport of Treviso; shipment of vehicles in the ferry - Tronchetto Lido and return. The connections with the urban bus lines ACTV 4, 15 , 45, 5 Aerobus to/from Marco Polo Airport to Venice are only included in the ticket with a special additional tariff.

What tickets should I buy for transfers to / from Venice Marco Polo Airport with the Airbus?

For transfers to/from the Venice Marco Polo airport (by road with ACTV) you will want to buy tickets that are labelled ‘Transfer aeroporto corsa singla' or 'Transfer aeroporto to A/R'.

Can I buy tickets online for Alilaguna?

I am afraid not! does not yet offer this service.

I could not find the answer I was looking for. How can I contact you?

Please contact us by filling in our special form. We will reply to you as soon as possible!

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