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A Byzantine Emperor near the St Pantalon Church in Venice

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A Byzantine Emperor near the St Pantalon Church in Venice

Venice at the beginning of the Middle Ages was part of Constantinople's empire (ancient Byzantium) and even when the lagoon city became independent in the 9th century, Venice continued to be strongly influenced by the great capital of the East.

Traces of these centuries-old relations are found all over Venice, even in the most unlikely places, for example near the St Pantalon Church (San Polo district), in a small hidden square.

Just in front of the entrance to the church there is in fact the access to the small Angaran Square and on the facade of one of the houses (no. 3717), there is an incredible piece of history: a marble medallion representing a Byzantine emperor in costume.

Legend claims that in 1256 Lorenzo Tiepolo, a noble Venetian general, was sent to fight against the Genoese in San Giovanni d'Acri. Some friends and relatives did not have much confidence in his military prowess and so challenged him: if he won in battle he was to take some tangible evidence with him. So after a victorious battle, Tiepolo did in fact send this medallion to Venice, ripped from the walls of an enemy fortress.

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