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Andrea Brustolon's Ethiopian Warriors in Ca' Rezzonico Museum in Venice

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Andrea Brustolon's Ethiopian Warriors in Ca' Rezzonico Museum in Venice

The wonderful palace on the Grand Canal of Venice of the Rezzonico family retains incredible treasures dating back to the 18th century, when the city of Venice was living a period of strong political decline (which in 1797 lead to the Napoleonic conquest), but of incredible artistic flourishing.

In the first room, called the ballroom, visitors remain speechless by the beauty of the magnificent rococo decorations.

The creativity, the imagination and the search of the exotic and the 'monstrous' carried out by the artists of the time is well represented by the incredible Ethiopian warriors carved in 1706  by Belluno-born wood carver Andrea Brustolon for the noble Venier family. They represent very tall male nudes armed with a club and with white eyes made with glass paste.

The rest of the furniture was carved by the artist on behalf of the Venier family, considered the greatest Venetian masterpiece of the early 18th century. In addition, in room 9 of the museum as many as 40 elements are on show; the most famous piece is the vase console table depicting at its bottom the Allegory of the force represented by Hercules, but there are also Africans, cherubs, ebony caryatids with glass paste eyes, the allegories of the four Seasons and the five Elements.

To admire the beautiful works of Andrea Brustolon and other treasures held at Ca' Rezzonico 18th-Century Museum in Venice, you can purchase conveniently online a single ticket or the Museum Pass, which will allow you access to the other museums in the Venetian Civic Museums Foundation.

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